Mastercard to abolish Maestro in mid-2023 - across Europe




Way to go! I hope they move fast and phase out maestro asap. I really hope I can use my foreign v/m cards in the Netherlands again, especially in ah for groceries.


After staying in Netherlands the last seven days it was nearly impossible to pay with my curve mastercard. Only maestro and/or vpay.

This news has now also reached the Dutch mainstream media.


Vanaf volgend jaar zullen er in Nederland al betaalautomaten komen die de nieuwe kaarten accepteren, in de meeste gevallen gaat dit om een software update. Dat komt omdat in een aantal andere Europese landen de passen al gebruikt worden, zoals in Duitsland en België. Die passen kunnen dan binnenkort ook in Nederland geaccepteerd worden, wat prettig is voor die kaarthouders.

Especially this :point_up_2:t2: can’t be soon enough.

Also a statement from MasterCard in Dutch and English.

And ‘omdat het kan’ a picture of what will ‘soon’ be a useless pile of plastic…


Good. Some EU markets already started to phase out Maestro years ago (e.g. my own country)
My own bank even started to phase out Visa to standardise each card they issue on MasterCard (this was a business decision on their part, however, they did not issue a new Maestro since 2018-9 at least)
Otherwise, Maestro in my country was generally a card for children/high schoolers or pensioners/retired who mostly used it as an ATM card.
This will be a bigger change in countries which have gone all in on Maestro and/or they have a local card system and their own cards are co-branded with Maestro (e.g. Germany - Girocard+Maestro, Belgium - Bancontact/Mister Cash + Maestro)
I know that the Netherlands is pretty big on Maestro but don’t know if they have a local card system comparable to these

At the time Maestro was introduced in the Netherlands we had our own local payment circuit and card called PIN and our banks issued co-branded cards (they already did that for us to be able to pay and withdraw abroad). But as the merchants all started to accept Maestro, Dutch banks stopped issuing co-branded (Maestro&PIN) cards and the PIN-circuit does now not exist anymore.

Though the PIN card and circuit do not exist anymore the Dutch still call paying with their payment card ‘PINnen’. And (though PIN does not exist anymore since 2012) sometimes you can still see the logo below at merchants when they accept Maestro and Vpay.



This is great news. Finally able to put ALL my cards in Curve. Hopefully… Right now I have my Curve but still need about 3 extra cards for daily payments both business and personal. Of course I use Apple Pay but carry them with me just to be sure… 1 Curve would be awesome.

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