Mastercard World Elite Concierge

This would be a welcome addition to metal, I’d happily pay extra per month.

Would provide a unique selling point to replay distinguish the product, even further whilst offering a fantastic addition.

You might be willing to pay extra for a concierge service but I doubt the vast majority of people would want too.

It’s a fair idea but in the times we are in, with people losing their jobs left, right and centre. I don’t think you’ll get many people running to spend money that they don’t have on frivolous services.

Whilst this is true, the business side which is what I have would be very welcomed.

I’m a curve business user not personal.

As well as taking a bite out of Amex’s crown. It’s the only reason I keep the platinum charge card.

Would be a great feature for the future, not the current climate


Out of interest what sort of things do you find the concierge service useful for with Amex? I’ve got Amex Plat too and don’t rate the service as at all valuable - the few times I’ve used it I’ve not found it saved any time compared to doing it myself and it was significantly pricier!


I like being able to easily make travel arrangements with one phone call, reservations at exclusive restaurants with one phone call or email, and general concierge bookings. Admittedly tickets for concerts / shows is quicker to do yourself.

How much would you expect to pay for this service? Curve metal is already £15.00 a month.

Would depend on how much MasterCard would charge curve for the use of their concierge services.

I’d be happy to pay an extra £10-20 a month.

Curve could market it as metal+ Allowing metal customers the choice of adding onto the metal subscription or not.

It’s just an idea to vote on

I think that at this price you could offer the service included. This is already included in the iCard Visa Infinite, for example, although it only costs € 9.99 per month. But I am always available for concierge service in general. Great idea!

I’ve got Mastercard concierge through my banks world elite credit card. In all honesty it’s more hassle than it’s worth. If you’ve got access to the internet you will usually find whatever it is you are looking for much faster and cheaper. Anecdotally I’d suggest it’s won’t actually add much value. It’s worth mentioning that revolut metal had this until recently and they stripped it out because it was garbage.


Are you using the iCard visa infinite ?

no, but I looked at the whole thing to get an overview.