Matching Transactions on Pending Items

I have a problem with the Curve App that makes me question if I used the card for Car Rental or anything that may have a pending transaction. Car Rental firms will enter a pending transaction until you actually finish your rental. I was in the US recently and the first transaction went through as a pending transaction which was fine and appeared as a transaction on my underlying card. This was fine.

I then later had 2 transactions appear on my underlying card but only had a refund on my curve app. This is really confusing. I know that transactions in the background are getting charged and refunded but the curve app should show all line items and not “hide” them in a single transaction on the app, this makes the reconciliation of the transactions all that more difficult to track and as such makes users like me open up support tickets to try and understand what has actually happened. The attraction of the “modern” banks who have apps is that you see these transactions right away, if Curve do a transaction through to your card you should be able to match it, if they split it , it makes it harder to match.

I would suggest they either show the same transactions as they are requesting of the underlying card or the mark the transaction 1/2 and 2/2 etc to show they are part transactions on the reference.

I travel frequently and I’m not sure I want to use the Curve card if it’s going work like this for transactions that are like this.


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