Maximum preauthorization time before a transaction gets released

Hi, does anyone know which is the max preauthorization time for a transaction before it gets released, if the merchant does not claim it?
And I am not talking about what happens with the underlying card, I am just talking about the Curve side.
The time changes from bank to bank. Usually traditional banks can take up to 30 days, while fintechs are faster.
I made a purchase at an online store 6 days ago, which I cancelled soon after, they told me they charged only a preauthorization which will expire and this will translate automatically in getting the money back.
Since I still see it in Curve and it looks finalized on the underlying card, before contacting the support and have them look into this specific situation, I would like to wait for the maximum time hoping it gets all sorted out automatically after that. So does anyone know what the maximum time is or has anyone had experiences in this sense? Is it 30 days also for Curve?
Thank you

Hey @nekorb, pre-authorisations that aren’t acted on by the merchant will be automatically reversed after 30 days but if you’re able to provide proof that the transaction has been cancelled (e.g. decline receipt or an email confirming cancellation) then our customer experience team can reverse the pre-authorisation sooner for you.

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Hi, no there’s no need to involve the customer support, I will just wait. The important thing is to know that it’s indeed 30 days. Thank you