MBNA now blocking Curve?

It seems that MBNA and the wider Lloyds banking group have now started to block curve.

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I obviously have already spoken to MBNA and there is no fraud block on the account. And I have plenty of funds available.

I can make transactions on the MBNA card perfectly fine but unable to add it into my curve wallet since upgrading back to metal. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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No issues for me paying with a Halifax credit card as the underlying card.


Your lucky. I’ve just rejoined the metal plan and tried to add my MBNA card back in and it won’t work. The support response wasn’t the best.

I did reply and they told me to delete the card and then re-add it in. Highly hilarious considering I cannot add the card in at all what so ever.

I used my MBNA issued card no worries over the last few days, UK and overseas purchases

I can’t even add the card to the app though.

It’s not even a fraud issue, I’m wondering if this is due to new stronger authentication issues and curve with underlying card providers ?

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Do you have online (e-commerce) transactions enabled on your MBNA card? :thinking:

Gotten to the bottom of this.

Other half had logged into my app and frozen my card instead of theirs.

I literally didn’t think to check this!


I was reading this thread beginning to get worried! :wink: I’m glad to hear you managed to figure out the cause of the declines.


I just used my MBNA Card on Curve to spend £4800.00 in one go. No problems here.

:rofl::rofl::rofl:out of the threads I have ever read from curve summary, this must be the funniest outcome to date


Haha yep. The joy of working night shifts in icu and lack of communication at home


@Curve_Joel can you lock this topic to stop new responses, as its a solved issue please ?

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