MCC code and/or description shown in transaction details

Since part of the USP of Curve is being able to put transaction on the right card it would be really useful to seee what MCC the transaction had.


Yes please! Knowing the MCC would help me understand the rough edges of card bonuses. And also explain whether something is likely to be recategorized by the card issuer as a cash advance.

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CS can already provide this if you ask and are happy to wait a bit… :slight_smile:

Add it to the CSV export as another column?

Good idea - doesn’t seem to be an option to vote on this though - @Curve_Marie any idea why not?

Just had to move it to the subcategory (Feedback and Ideas —> Ideas) :slight_smile:

Ahh, thanks for doing that Marie!

Would like to add my support for seeing the underlying MCC included with the transaction detail within the Curve app.

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Yes, very necessary idea. Please provide also an optional useable field to define needed MCC before a transaction.

It will be nice to see MCC numbers in each card transaction. I mean in transaction details…

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You can already vote for that here:

MOD EDIT: Thanks - threads (and thus votes) merged

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Agreed. The transaction reference would be useful too - this sometimes helps with retailers when there’s an issue with a transaction.

For some reason Curve doesn’t want to show it. Maybe because they change it sometimes.

Customer support can tell you anyway, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Sometimes they confirm an MCC code and it appears differently in your statements :slight_smile:
Then they start an investigation and you wait, wait, wait and wait and nothing happens.

Sometimes agents are not aware of how they operate: "We don’t change MCC codes, so this would have been sent to us from the merchant. It’s possible that there was a mistake in the receipt they sent you. "

There is room for improvement on this.

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No brainer. Absolutely completely necessary level of minimal functionality.


Totally agrees

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