MCO/ Visa card

I just thought I would post as I just received my MCO visa card (in the UK) and have added it to my curve card (metal) it added faultlessly and all cashback works as it should. I posted this on the reddit and it has raised a fair bit of interest in Curve, quite a few people have signed up so they can solve a few problems that the MCO card has, such as, no 3ds and adding it to apple pay!

I hope this helps some of you make the most out of Curve and the MCO card.


Thank you for the info! :information_source: I’m still waiting for my MCO card :credit_card:, it’s still in “pending” status. :sleeping: I hope they will soon start shipping to the rest of Europe :eu:, not (again) just UK. :man_facepalming:


Same, waiting for it in France… Pending.

This is good news!
I was worried that the MCO card would not work with Curve, as it is a prepaid card which usually needs to be approved by Curve first (and that can take a long time).
I expect the EU cards to have a different BIN than the UK cards though, so we won’t know for sure if the EU cards will work with Curve.
I’m in Sweden but my MCO card will have EUR as base currency, so I’m curious about what the BIN of my card will be (as Sweden haven’t adopted the euro). Not that it matters much, my Curve card have the UK BIN, and that hasn’t been any problem. DCC isn’t common here, I’ve only seen it on a few ATMs, and I rarely use cash anyway.
I’m surprised that the MCO card doesn’t have 3DS. That’s something I expect all cards to have now. Curve was the last of my cards to get 3DS support.

No, it’s not a prepaid card. You can clearly see it if you take a quick look at the front of the card.

So it’s a regular debit card then? That’s more good news then. It should be automatically accepted by Curve, and acceptance in general should be better, e.g. for offline payments.

The T&C consistently use the term “Prepaid Card” to refer to the card, and I assumed that meant that the card was actually prepaid. Maybe the T&C terminology doesn’t mean anything, or maybe the card type was changed and the T&C was not updated…
I know a prepaid card should have “prepaid” written on it somewhere, but it can be hidden with microscopic text, like on my Revolut card.

Its funny actually, the card says debit on the front but it behaves more like a prepaid card I.e you can’t use it to pay credit card bills and apparently you can’t use it on online gambling sites, you also can’t pay for things that require 3ds verification…enter curve to sort out these problems! These cards compliment each other perfectly!!

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I have tried to use it to pay a credit card bill and the 3ds (equivalent) times out. I also couldn’t add it to Curve…

I’ve just tried again this morning and it’s been added to Curve no probs!

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Did you have a balance on your MCO card? Curve takes an 18p payment to confirm the card!

Isn’t it an expensive/risky card to use though?

If you have the GBP card, the only way to load funds is to buy one of four cryptocurrencies then sell them to the GBP wallet. This process alone will cost a certain percentage and there’s a risk the value of the coin could move against you during this time. You’re also very likely to be charged a cash advance fee for buying the crypto with a credit card (MCC 6051) and quite a few financial institutions ban crypto purchases. I tried to buy with Revolut, turns out Revolut don’t support crypto merchants.

There are anti-gaming clauses in the T&Cs which means they are a smart business. If the intention is to get it to perform gambling or cash-like transactions, I wouldn’t put it past them to make it not worth your while to do so. It is stated on their website that a variety of financial transactions are excluded so anyone who wants to use it to pay their credit card bill will be paying quite a few % to do so! I read their term “digital banking services” as transactions with MCC 6012 merchants.

They could also reverse any trades you have made and close the account. Already seen a report of this happening online! I also suspect they won’t like it if you keep buying crypto then selling it immediately just to top up the card, unless they make an overall profit on you doing so.

It looks like a decent product if you want to trade on the price of cryptocurrencies and there are loads to choose from. But there are cheaper and less risky products out there if you’re after a card account!

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Hi, I wouldn’t say it is much different to any other pre paid visa card in terms of risk. as you have mentioned you do currently have to top up with crypto, personally I buy the amount of ETH that I want to top up the card with and sell it onto the card immediately! this generally costs around 1 percent in the spread, with the ruby card you get 2 percent cashback so you are still winning, not to mention it pays for your spotify premium account, however come June they will have sorted out a UK bank so you will just be able to do a bank transfer in fiat straight to your account and you will lose nothing. this was in place before the cards shipped in the UK but they had some problem with the issuing bank so had to close the account. I did make a test transfer when it was available and it took less than a day to appear in my CDC account.

to answer your last comments I have paid my credit card bills with MCO card through curve with no problems (you get the cashback for this but it is later reversed without any problems)

I would say that (when they sort out their UK account in June) that it is almost a no brainer to go for at least the ruby card. I got the card a few weeks ago and have so far made about ÂŁ50 in cashback by paying all of my bills and using it as my daily use card through curve (you stake 50 MCO for this card, that is currently about ÂŁ220!). I am working on upgrading to the 500 tier but this one will take a while to pay for itself so I need to save the pennies.

I hope that helps. If you decide to go for the Ruby card let me know and I will send you my referral code (cant post it here as it is against the forum rules) the referral program is a bit better than curves;-) (don’t tell curve I said that)

let me know if I missed anything or you need more answers.

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they have started issuing in Europe now, France, Netherlands and Spain are all starting to be issiued.

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They have started issuing in France now, have seen reports of the Jade green being issued so ruby will be out soon too, I expect that they will ship imminently.


Waiting for the midnight blue!

Indigo card has been issued yesterday for me :slight_smile: (France)

Thank you for great update @dylanbooth78! :+1: Mine is still in “pending” status (Czech Republic :czech_republic:) but seems it might get issued and shipped soon… :star_struck:

your welcome mate, just so you know, there have been people in Czech Republic who have had the icy white card changed to issued status, so the other tiers should follow very soon.

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Thanks for the info. I have the MCO Visa and been testing it out.

Credit cards can be paid off for free by bank transfer. I may have missed something, but paying a 1% spread to perform rewards exempt transactions seems quite expensive. The balance could have been used to earn rewards on a qualifying transaction?

Some sums would have to be done to assess the benefits of choosing the 500 MCO stake card vs 50 MCO. Perhaps worth it if you use Netflix and spend enough that an extra 1% makes it worthwhile, but a much higher risk if the value of MCO drops during the staking period. Even losing £200 odd would be a pain, a risk that you don’t have with a normal prepaid card.

The risk is that the crypto price could move against you between you buying the crypto and selling it to the GBP wallet. A small one, but extant nonetheless.

It is genuinely good news that they will allow the Visa to be topped up by bank transfer. My question is, how sustainable is it for them to allow free loads, reimburse Spotify payments and pay 2% on card purchases? From what I understand the interchange fee cap for prepaid cards is 0.2%.

I don’t think the MCO Visa can really be viewed as a standalone product. Unless a fee was imposed to top up, like the 3.5% card fee for buying crypto (a free promo is on at present). Otherwise people may have to give something back by trading on the price of cryptocurrencies, with the card being provided as an easy way to spend returns. Or using the other services they advertise.

In the past I’ve seen numerous financial institutions try and get the better of people who game them for financial gain through non-standard use of their products. Some are smart in how they handle this and others aren’t!

Good overview @dylanbooth78, I’ve actually started to re-use curve with my Ruby Steel card as seems a no brainier. Card image in curve for MCO card isn’t great - do you know if anyone has submitted the image to the curve team? If not I’ll send in