MCO/ Visa card

I have a EU MCO VISA card (I live in the Netherlands) and for me right from the moment I received it (May 2020) it supported 3DS (by SMS).

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Does anyone know if you use Curve with MCO Visa card if you still get the Spotify and Netflix cashback?

Or do you have to use your MCO card directly for the cashback to track correctly?

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You can use Curve, with the MCO card, and get the cashback.

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Sorry, just to confirm that’s the 100% Spotify and Netflix cashback?

Just out of interest…why would you want to put the Netflix and Spotify subscription on your Curve card instead of directly on your MCO VISA card?
Putting it on your Curve card would mean that each time the subscription money is taken, but in the Curve app at that time your MCO VISA is not selected, you have to use GbiT. For me that would be an annoying extra step to take.


My curve is set to MCO card anyway…

It would make life easier just having to enter one card detail into Spotify and Netflix

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Didn’t seem to work for me

Do you have Jade Green or Royal Indigo tier at least? Just to be sure… :wink:

Personally, I rather use MCO card’s details directly for online services with rebate.

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I have Jade Green.

I agree, I’ll just use MCO card details. Would have been handy if I only needed to enter one card number everywhere though.

Hi! I have a mco card on curve but it doesn’t work.
I can’t understand the reason.
Curve support says that it is a block.
And says that I “tried to top up curve card” and it is not allowed.
Anyone with this problem?
Thank you.

I can confirm that topping up my MCO Visa via Curve doesn’t work - and it’s not a matter of the underlying card, since I tried multiple times with different cards that allow direct top up.

Thank! But I just trying to pay with curve with mco card setting as prefer card.

International Usage enabled in card settings in the app?

My latest Spotify transaction also didn‘t work anymore. But support gave me the missing CRO after contacting them. No problem that Curve was in the middle.

But I think I will also use the card directly for Netflix and Spotify in the future.

Hi. Yes international use is on.
Some updates: with amazon by curve it works. But in retail shopping not yet. So strange :frowning:

Have you tried with Curve Fronted set to on? It might work as my last top up attempt seemed to be blocked just for this reason (having Curve Fronted disabled). :man_shrugging:

I now rather use my Revolut Premium (as my home currency is CZK, so every top up is a FX transaction :currency_exchange:). It also has the benefit I do not have to change underlying card in Curve app everytime I want to top up MCO card (MCO is my primary card in Curve). :money_mouth_face:

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Interesting point - I’ll try that. Thanks!

Does it come with any fees though?

1,5 % of the transaction’s amount for Curve Blue/Black and no fee for Curve Metal.

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Funnily enough it works all the time with Tesco and Curve. The 10% cashbach offer.