MCO/ Visa card

What is curve fronted? Where is this settings?

It allows you to pay with your credit card connected to Curve even for transactions where debit card is usually required - e.g. taxes, credit card bills etc. The switch can be found in the Curve app’s settings.


I sadly can’t verify my MCO card within Curve with Curve frontend enabled. After an endless chat of over an week with the support (they are super slow), they said they won’t allow Curve and that’s why they block the verification transaction and I should use other cards if I want to use Curve.

Oops :scream:, my wife is about to receive her MCO card maybe today (got “Shipped” status last week) and I hope she will be able to connect it with her Curve as my MCO card already is… :flushed:

Well I wanted to remove my unverified card and just saw the problem!

They recognized my MCO Card as UK card so they set the card currency to pounds! (I just had Euro on my MCO card.) And as both currencies are separated he just tried to get money from my empty pound wallet instead use the euro one. After switching the MCO currency to Euro it worked! :slight_smile:

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For me they took the amount in GBP and MCO took it automatically from my EUR balance and converted the currency as I had no GBP.

Hmmt thats really strange

Great news, thank you! :+1: So there is a good chance it will work for my wife as well… :wink:

I use my MCO card everyday since arrive and it’s better than Curve. I did add the card to Curve but I don’t even use any more the Curve. At least the Metal feels better in my hands than the plastic.

I almost signed up for the MCO card, but the more I read about it, the more it started to sound like a ponzi scheme. Good luck everyone!


So, added my wife’s MCO card to her Curve yesterday with no single problem, works great! :partying_face:

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Yes, you’re right, I’ve got exactly same feeling since I’ve first read about these cards. :cold_face: The benefits are too good to be long-term (and maybe even middle-term) viable… :woozy_face: But if you look at the price of the Ruby Steel, I already have its cost back on cashback/rebate in few weeks… :money_mouth_face:

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I felt like this initially but I did my research, I invested £200 and it’s more than paid for itself in under two months! (Plus you get the original £200 back if you want)


Although, the card looks odd when selected because the two logos are on top of each other.


Nice, thank you for the info! :hugs: But I can’t see the images in my nor my wife’s Curve app on Android :sob:, Google Play shows no updated version available. Maybe it’s just for Apple and will arrive to Android later… Or are you using beta? :man_shrugging:

I had to do an uninstall and new install (of same version) in order to see the new card images (I am on Android).


Thank you, I’ll wait some time until it eventually “synchronizes” and if not, I will the delete app data and login again… The most important is it works even with generic images… :slightly_smiling_face:

Just a quick question, do you get back this as cash to spend or as some crypto currency ?


It’s Crypto that I just convert back to £ and load back up to the debit card. So I guess you have that choice.

Yeah I still don’t have any of the card images :disappointed: