MCO visa card

They only need to blacklist the MCC what Curve uses for cash withdrawals.

And the MCCs that are used to top up ‘Bank’ accounts and the MCCs that are used to transfer money (to oneself).

They’ve already done that. I didn’t get any cashback for Revolut top-up back in May.

As we say in Dutch: ‘Er zijn meerdere hondjes die Fickie heten’ (‘There are more dogs that are called Fickie’). There are more services like Revolut that can be topped up by Debit/Creditcard.

Looks like they blocked receiving Cashback for topping up Revolut, by looking at the merchant name. I topped up another non-Revolut ‘bank’-account with my MCO VISA and did receive cashback. Just like you when I topped up Revolut, I did not get any Cashback.

So no, they have not already done that.

Does topping up Revolut with MCO card work at all? It didn’t work for me and some friends either when we tried it a few days back. I thought MCO have blocked topping up Revolut completely (not just the cashbacks).

Not sure, last time I used my MCO VISA to top up my Revolut account was months ago.

Just to confirm - made 2 transaction today with Curve at different merchants and both received MCO card cashback. :cowboy_hat_face::+1:


Is anyone still able to top up the MCO card using Curve? Doesn’t work for me anymore and their support told me that Curve blocks the transaction. On Monday it worked without any issues.
Curve Fronted is enabled in my Curve settings.

It never worked for me as I don’t have Curve Fronted enabled. Sorry I can’t help you. :neutral_face:

I rather use Revolut Premium to top up MCO card. It’s even more convenient for me as I don’t have to switch cards in Curve every time I want to top up MCO card and then switch back. :sunglasses:

Hi, could you please give me small hint which non-revolut bank account gave you cashback?

Can’t top up either…

The Tesco Current Account pays out Clubcard points which can be spent at Tesco and various other retailers.

The Sprout Account also does cashback.

@Curve_Ivo @Hannah How can we get the MCO Card images sorted for my card?

They’re showing for other users but not myself, BIN is : 487139

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Same here BIN: 439771 midnight blue card

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Hey @Dann and @ebretteville could you please get in touch with our support team about your card images? They’ll be able to check if we already have them and can submit them for review if not.

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Will drop them a message!

They’re all ready on some of the bins, just not ours!

Used to work with NS&I, they’ve now closed that loophole…

Hi Guys,

Anyone know if you can still top up ones MCO Visa card with a Curve Metal card?

Tried to top up last week and app was giving me an error message of sorts.

Of course trying to work out who is actually responsible for the error/decline, is a lot more tricky.

So any feedback greatly appreciated


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Hi @Smallhorse, please try enabling Curve Fronted in Curve app’s settings. :credit_card:

Curve Fronted is already switched on.

Any other thoughts?