MCO visa card

Yea thats already activated, any other thoughts?

Done, I gave them this file and indications:

VISA DEBIT 439771 Midnight Blue
VISA CREDIT 499022 BPGO Facelia
VISA DEBIT 416538 Boursorama Ultim
VISA DEBIT 459680 Binks

BIC File

They’re a sharp business who fund the cashback out of their own pocket - when they run out of blunt instruments to stop the gamers the next move is to close down individual accounts - already reported to be happening!

At that point it’ll probably have been wise to have given them some money through genuine custom!

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Here we go -

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Hmm, these weird steps doesn’t bring much confidence in CDC, that’s true. :cold_sweat: But when somebody is such obviously cheating and gaining so much unentitled cashback, I have some understanding for CDC’s attitude in this particular case… :face_with_monocle:

For me, it’s still pretty beneficial product which works great in combination with Curve. :+1: We (as family) make lots of everyday purchases and thus gain nice cashback. Also Spotify and Netflix rebate is very welcome. And we are enjoying 16 % stake interest in app and 20 % stake interest in exchange. :money_mouth_face: And I’m still not speaking about Supercharger and other events that also mean good way of gaining interesting profit…

Upgraded to Jade Green yesterday as CRO price is very low now. And starting monday, stake requirements will more than double (2,5x). So good (last?) chance to finally upgrade/hop-in. :wink:

Good alternative is, I can recommend that too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (e.g. Amazon Prime rebate with reasonable stake amount).

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Yeah it’s a great time to upgrade now, they keep adding new features recruiting people from Visa etc. Plus bitcoin is dragging the market up but it doesn’t look like any of it has been reflected in the CRO market price yet.

More and more reports filtering through of them requiring people to pay back “incorrectly accumulated” cashback.

They have also shed some light on what some people have been doing -

People hooking up their card and withdrawing cash from ATMs to get cashback! MCCs 6540 and 8999 are now excluded from the cashback scheme.

Only good so the service itself could keep on running… :man_juggling:

I paid my mortgage using Crypto card expecting it not to work, and it didn’t.

I’ll always take advantage of loopholes but as an investor, I’m also glad they’re shutting loopholes. It gives me more confidence in the product.

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Here is the full exclusion list: Restriction of CRO Rewards Program

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Seeing as MCC passthrough appears to be back now they may as well remove 8999 from the list!

Thank you @Oliverda, pretty long list though… :flushed:

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I’m surprised by fuel dispensers…

But the others do make sense for the viability of the overall product in the long term.

For days now, Curve’s transactions using the Crypto .com card as underlying are all “Declined”. It’s normal? Before, everything worked without problems. This is embarrassing.

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Have you tried:

Does your card work directly?
I hope that it’s something with your account and not a general interoperability issue, because I would like to keep using my card with Curve. (When I get it, I’m waiting for an upgraded card now.)

Yes, my crypto .com card only works directly but not throgh Curve card.
The question is: why Curve card does not work anymore?

It works fine for me - paid with Curve card few moments ago with MCO card selected. Haven’t noticed any problem in the recent past as well, all works OK. :sunglasses:

May be, just may be do you have “enable international usage” settings turned on in the app? It might help… :man_shrugging:

I’ll try, thanks.

Can you confirm your card BIN? So I can ask curve to look into getting the images sorted for my BIN?


It is 439772.