Meet Curve Pay; Pay contactless using your Huawei phone


Until recently the Curve app itself could not be used to make contactless payments (in contrast to apps of certain ‘banks’) using the NFC chip of your phone. The only possibility to pay contactless was to use the Curve card directly or add the Curve card to GooglePay, ApplePay et cetera.
So ‘Curve Pay’ didn’t exist…but then I found this video on Twitter.

And shortly after that I discovered that since a couple of days there are actually several help pages on the subject.

New Huawei customers in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland and Romania, that download Curve from the AppGallery will also enjoy 5% Cashback for transactions made at Huawei’s online store.

Another article:

Curve is offering you 1% Cashback on all purchases you make in the first 30 days and 5% Cashack on all your orders on the HUAWEI Store!!!

  1. If you are a resident of the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland, or Romania and you have downloaded the Curve app from AppGallery on a Huawei Mobile Services-enabled Huawei Device you will get 5% cashback on purchases made with the Curve card on the Huawei online store until 31 December 2021.

I think it’s exclusively for people who have Huawei, after what happened with Google Mobile Services and America… They don’t have their own payment platform.


EDIT [30th September]

‘New insight’, this indeed seems to be the case.


Not sure I want to trust another Curve product until they get their Customer Service responses sorted. And surely this is just going to add to the burden?

I sincerely hope Curve aren’t trying to expand too quickly, I worked for a company back in the 2000s that tried this and it didn’t end well.

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Wow, this is geat news. It would be nice to be able use Curve Pay instead of Google Pay. Is it available only for Huawei phones or we can download this app after through App Gallery on any Android phone? Curve Pay looks like nice alternative for big corpos and you can add every card, not “special ones”.

Only available to Huawei customers, without Google services

Started using Curve Pay last week, noticed an option in the curve app saying add curve pay. Thought it was in relation to to google pay, but added and works like a dream and very pleased.

Very surprised this is exclusive for huawei phones, it may be something to do with the HMS services.

Those without huawei can install App gallery side loading and installing the HmS services in return installing the special version of curve directly from the huawei app gallery.

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As Curve developed the app for Huawei, why not extend to all the devices?
I didn’t root my smartphone but as I want to use a degoogled device I deactivated all the Gapps so I can’t use Google Pay. Using instead Curve Pay will be wonderful!