Meetup 8th of April at Curve's Office - "Curve Talks: Our Vision, and a Sneak Peek!"

Welcome to Curve’s first community event!

Our Founder and CEO, Shachar Bialick, will share why he founded Curve, our vision, and where we are heading next! Join us for a roadmap sneak peek, meet the team and learn about our plans to continue to Free Your Money by simplifying and unifying the way you spend, send, see and save.

We look forward to welcoming you! So whether you’re an investor, fintech enthusiast or community member, we’d love to see you at our meet-ups.

Check out the photos from the event


Hi, unfortunately I am unable to get a ticket as the event website is showing “Sold Out”. Will it still be possible to attend this event without a formal ticket?


The evening looks like it’ll answer lots of questions posed here. Do you have plans to broadcast or post the briefing on the forum?

Or a blog, perhaps?

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Quite disappointed that I won’t be able to join you as it seems to be sold out already.

It’s good to see you doing this though, although I think there is a lot you need to do to convince some of the really very alienated people around here!

Sadly i Couldnt attend as the tickets are sold out. But if anyone managed to ask when we get to downgrade to Legacy Black, Could you update us? Thanks

Just noticed this @LittleTeo

Due unforeseen reasons, I am unable to go. However I do have a ticket – I assume I could pass this onto someone? (say from this forum)?

Would be nice if someone that has visited this event could give us a ‘management summary’. How were the snacks and drinks, for example :wink:?


Wow, some people here just can’t take a joke. Sorry people, but Curve just aren’t doing a great job right now in my opinion and many others! It’s a shame nobody can see light hearted humour for what it is.

I’m starting to wonder if it was only possible to get in with an active Lounge Key subscription :joy:


So any big announcements ?

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They have recently put photos of the event on their Facebook page, but apart from that I’ve not seen any info about the evening.

I attended the event at Curve’s office in London on the evening of 8 April. I suspect that the lack of feedback from the event on this Community Forum reflects the fact that, as far as I could tell, nothing new was revealed at the event. The event seemed to be focused more towards new investors in Curve or potential employees interested in joining Curve rather than existing customers such as myself (a Metal subscriber). As such, I was looking for answers from Curve’s Leadership Team to questions such as: (1) when will customer support response times be improved ? (2) When will the offering (particularly for Metal subscribers) be improved such that it actually delivers value approaching £150/year ? (3) When will existing announced benefits (such as lounge access) for subscribers actually be available ? (4) When will pre-Feb-18 users of Curve on Curve Rewards be able to access Curve Cashback ? I found most of the content of the presentation to be either educative (“this is what is happening in the marketplace”) or intended to set out broad medium / long term goals + aspirations for Curve (all of which have already been announced). What the event didn’t address (+ in fairness probably didn’t set out to address) is why anyone should actually be a paying customer of Curve at this point in time. Most of the questions asked by audience members really were business model questions rather than touching on current customer concerns. As a result, I went away from the event feeling that Curve could have a very interesting future but I was not convinced that paying for the current service offering was justified unless you don’t hold any added value bank accounts or premium credit cards which deliver much the same (or in most cases better) insurance and other benefits. I really went to the event looking for a reason to continue being a Metal subscriber beyond my first year but the event didn’t really deliver in that regard for me.


Disappointed was having high expectations!!!

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Hello Yeti and welcome to the community :smiley:

Thank you for coming to the first event. Head of Operation, Product Lead, Head of Marketing, Head of Business Development, and our CEO was present during the networking section of the event. Did you have the chance to stay after the presentation to ask them the questions you’ve listed in your post?

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Sounds like it was a great opportunity ! :+1:

Hi Yeti,

Thank you for your feedback. A shame we haven’t had a chance to meet; I stayed at the event until 22:30pm answering many questions from our passionate customers.

We have actually covered most of your questions during the presentations and surely we’d be happy to address them in person. Either way, allow me to try and address them here. We’re about to announce a new rewards program available for Premium Curve users - the details was shared in advance with the participants of the event; sorry you’ve missed that. Stay tuned to an announcement shortly.

We also mentioned that Lounge Key is being worked on, and in fact we said from the very beginning - from launch - that it will not be available yet and will take some time as it is not entirely dependent on Curve.

Our Customer Experience service levels have returned to normal; have you had a chance to interact with Cx lately and had a less than ideal experience?

Thank you for taking the time to provide us with feedback. I hope I managed to answer your questions, but please let us know if some still remain open - we’re here to give you the best experience possible.


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Hi Shachar (and Marie) - I unfortunately was unable to stay after the close of the event on Monday as I would otherwise have put my questions directly to yourselves or one of the other Leadership Team members.

Having said that, I had expected (may be mistakenly) that at least some of the current issues which customers are facing (especially those on subscription levels) would have been recognized and addressed as part of the future road map during the presentation or at least reassurance provided by Curve’s Leadership Team. Instead, I felt that the messaging used gave the impression that Curve has already delivered a solid offering for its subscription tiers which it will seek to build on to bigger and better things.

Sadly, a solid offering has not been my experience of Curve since upgrading to Metal in a number of areas – my experience of support issues dates back to my numerous attempts during mid to late 2018 to upgrade by e-mail to Curve Support from Blue to Black (now Legacy Black) with absolutely no response received despite multiple attempts. I never was successful and finally upgraded this year in-App from Blue to Metal. Things may have improved on the support front – either way, I am now paying a subscription so I would expect priority support ideally by telephone. Is that likely ? On Lounge Key, I have no doubt in my mind when I was signing up for Metal that this benefit was billed clearly by Curve as “coming soon” which in my mind means at most 4-6 weeks time not months. Also, with Amex support gone and subscription prices unchanged, the value proposition for customers of a Metal subscription is greatly diminished but Curve has not been clear how it will fill this value deficit. You may say that Curve has responded by introducing the enhanced Curve Cashback but as a long time (pre Feb-18) customer of Curve, I’m stuck on the vastly inferior Curve Rewards with again no timescale or indeed even certainty that Metal customers in my position will be able to move from the Rewards to the Cashback scheme. I could also mention the value of the travel and gadgets insurance benefits bundled with the Metal subscription – suffice to say the terms of these benefits are surprisingly inferior to what my high street bank offers me (for free as a long time customer).

If an organisation does not recognize that these type of important issues exist which is the impression that Curve sometimes gives on these forums and at the event on Monday, it won’t really “focus” as a business on fixing them – that’s a real concern for a subscription customer like me.

I must say that I really do want to see Curve succeed - I wouldn’t have upgraded to a Metal subscription on Day 1 and stayed there through the ups and downs of recent months unless I believed that Curve potentially has a bright future. In that sense, I feel that part of the subscription which I pay at the moment for the incomplete Metal offering is almost an investment in Curve’s future - however, Curve won’t achieve that bright future if customer issues in terms of perceived value of your benefit offering and accurate timescales for those subscription benefits still to be delivered are not addressed.

Finally, I very rarely post on forums and certainly not at length - this is a rare exception as I think that Curve has great potential but it really needs to focus much more on the “here and now” as well as the future opportunities which were so well explained by Shachar and Diego at the event held on Monday.


Here is some more food for thought

Hi Yati,

Again - thanks a lot for taking the time for the honest and open feedback. We’ll look at it as a team and learn from it as we progress our company, product and service.

We’re aware that the Premium product offering was intended to support Amex, and the proposition has changed to Amex cardmembers once Amex pulled out. We haven’t changed the pricing as we worked behind the scenes to introduce a proposition that our customers have felt would be exciting and valuable for the monthly subscription. Changing the pricing would mean we would have to change it again in a relatively short period of time, or not being able to provide you with the level of benefits we believe you deserve, and expecting from an innovative product like Curve. Our near term goal with Curve Premium, is to bundle several benefits together through wholesale buying - providing our customers with benefits they couldn’t have sourced anywhere else for the same price. Benefits which are aligned with our customers’ needs, and our purpose - to help our customers celebrate life to their fullest, and unthink money. I take however that we could’ve communicate our plans better, and we will review our approach to communication, as we constantly do.

As a customer that have upgraded to Metal you can choose to move to the new Cashback programme. To do so you should contact the Customer Experience team, and they will do it for you.

I hope I managed to cover everything in your note, but if I haven’t, feel free to write me or any of my team members directly.

Finally, our early adopters - customers like yourself - are invaluable to Curve. Thanks to your feedback, we’re able to evolve and fine-tune our product and service, and I cant be thankful enough for your support in Curve and its team.

Look forward to receiving more of your good feedback.

All best,

Hi AJKU16,

Thanks for your feedback.

Is your feedback that the Insurance coverage is not sufficient? Or that you expected the features to roll-out sooner as part of Curve Metal?

Would love to hear more examples on how the insurance can be improved, and we will take it back to Axa.

Regarding the features, the Amex Shuffle, kindd’a reshuffled our plans a bit, and we had to make some changes in the product which delayed several product launches by a couple of months. However the product roadmap hasn’t changed, and we look to introduce Curve Send, and Curve Cast (to all users) in the next few months. We will provide clearer timelines as soon as we’d be ready for Beta testing.

Let me know if there’s anything specific me or my team can help with. As always - your feedback is valuable in creating a product millions would love to use every day, so please feel free to share it here in the community and engage with the Curve team.