Merchant Credit Card Discounts

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If I have a credit card from Bank A and they have exclusive deals with a particular merchant that offers a 20% discounts if I pay using Bank A’s credit card at the counter. If I were to pay using Curve (with Bank A card linked) instead, will I still be entitled to the 20% discount on the spot?

The question applies to other type or bank and merchant exclusive deals such as buy 1 free 1, x% discounts, x% cash backs etc…


Nope as it works like this. Curve pays the balance for you then passes on amount to your bank to be reimbursed. It’s just like PayPal in that respect. In saying that Curve passes the transaction data to your bank so it’s up to them to do with it as they please.

TLDR. There is a small chance your bank with indeed honour the discount but I doubt they will when using Curve.

P. S. We are mostly users like yourself on here but you will see staff members on here, they normally have Curve plus their name as their username.

This is highly misleading to say there’s any chance at all.

There is absolutely no chance a bank would be willing to honour this as Curve isn’t the merchant in question - they are intercepting the purchase and presenting themselves as the merchant to the underlying card’s bank.

What they give to the bank is the merchant code as well as CRV*Merchant Name.

Banks will be looking for an exact thing - not a Curve purchase.

I understand that you have mentioned you’d doubt it - but it’s clearly something that isn’t happening at all - bank T&Cs normally contains text to avoid paying out on this kind of thing.

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Well I guess the OP has to check if that is indeed the case then don’t you think?

No it’s not. Different card providers work in different ways - some need the exact merchant name to be presented, others just search for a company name anywhere in the text. So Curve transactions will sometimes qualify you for the discount / bonuses etc.


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IHG Credit Card gives bonus points on hotel spend channeled through Curve.


I didn’t know that! Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

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My apologies it’s been a bad day today, my new bed came broken and I’ve thrown my old one out already.

I didn’t mean to be rude - I’m just default angry.

This surely is going to be based on a merchant code though - not a retailer. This is because it’s looking for hotel spend rather than a specific merchant.

The OP was specifically about tailored discounts for retailers. e.g. ASDA, not grocery spending.

No worries, you will at least get a good back out of it :slight_smile: Default happy makes for a much nicer life.

No, I’m being precise it what I’m saying. You only get extra points with IHG hotel brands (Holiday Inn, Intercontinental etc.), not all hotels. They’re not looking at MCCs, they are looking at merchant names.

Some credit cards need a precise match, others will look for the name anywhere in the field - it’s a low maintenance way to handle vendor name adjustments when their card processor changes. They didn’t consider the likes of Curve who pass a different merchant name to that of the card processor (and if they did, they’d probably be OK with paying out a small bonus rather than having to keep a list of merchants up to date). Look at Curve and ‘Amazon’ - lots of dissatisfied card customers and support tickets being logged because they don’t just accept ‘Amazon’ in the merchant name and need a perfect match.


I paid for takeaway from JustEat using curve card linked to a Barclays debit card. Barclays paid me 10% cash back for this transaction (and further 2 occasions) so it works in at least some scenarios.

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Useful to know, I’ve never tried it with those bank reward schemes but I may do now.

Thanks for sharing :relaxed:

I can confirm all of my cards that give bonuses or cashback either at specific retailers or merchant categories work just fine through Curve. Not sure how it would even be possible to look out for perfect matches given that merchant names are usually not consistent and include stuff such as a store’s location