Metal and cashback

Why are the metal plan limited to 6 retailers for 1% cashback?

Why not 1% cashback on all purchases or at least all of the available retailers in the app?

Metal is a pretty expensive plan, and to not even have the option to change these 6 retailers is no good.


Hey @c014, thanks for your feedback! Our Product team have discussed updating the offerings provided alongside our premium card subscriptions and I’ve passed on your feedback for improving the cashback being offered for the team to consider as part of this.
In the meantime, our support team will be happy to reset your cashback merchants for you if you contact them through the in-app chat or by emailing at :grin:


Alright, good to know!

Some more improvement can certainly be made in the area of the lounge access as well. The 20GBP per visit is not that good of a discount… 15GBP would be much more reasonable…

You mentioned that the product team have disusssed updating the offerings with the premium card… is there any thing happening in the near future?


Hey @c014, I can’t provide a timeframe for this just yet but can confirm that there should be more information on this soon so keep your eyes peeled! :eyes:

I agree, even x free visit (equivalent amount of World Elite card) would be nice. I do not know if metal card are still displayed as world elite but I would prefer nothing written and free lounge equivalent like it’s not infinite but same lounge (I guess they can allow to pay due to staking though + no insurances though)

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