Metal - Anyone successfully claimed on travel insurance for (minor) accidental injuries abroad?

I know I can just plow ahead and test myself but was wondering how many successful precedents are there to see if I should put in the time.

Long story short - had a minor accident abroad (slipped, broke fingers) needed urgent care abroad, not a huge sum, just shy of 180 EUR.

If I recall correctly there is a 50 GBP excess, so I’m looking at maybe recovering ~100 GBP

Any success stories from anyone here? How smooth was the process? I don’t see any app feature to initiate the claim so I assume it must be a direct phone call to Axa and then putting together papers and posting them, or does Axa do email/online + attached photocopies?

EDIT (6 October): I found this which appears to be the online equivalent without the need to phone AXA. I have no idea whether this has a lower success rate (I found it after phoning them).


Yes phone them and you will get a case number and paperwork to fill in. You can then email the scans. For car hire claim it worked fine.


2h30 on the phone after selecting the “filing a claim” option, and nobody picked up. Waited until 5:00pm. Is that long of a waiting time expected?

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Called earlier today and got through after about 15 minutes waiting on the line. I was asked for all the details and will be emailing them the documents requested (medical bill, travel booking, bank details). Lady on the phone appeared very human, was nice enough to wish me well , hoped I’m better now, and was sorry it ruined my vacation.

So far so good.

NOTE: Phone audio quality is absolutely crap (probably several layers of VoIP compression via internet from India). I had to repeat things several times and both of us ended up using the NATO alphabet for most details (i had it open on Wikipedia).

Thank you for writing this post. Keep us updated, as a metal user I’m very interested in hearing other people’s experiences using the product.

Wish you the best with the resolution of your claim.

Best regards,

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Sure. I’m now waiting to hear back. Emailed them yesterday as instructed.

Got a call from AXA on Nov 30 (so almost 2 months since Oct 6) who took me through some security questions and then confirmed that the claim is approved. That was that. They reminded there is a 50 EUR excess and that I will receive a written confirmation via email, which I received today Dec 2.

A few notes:

  1. I have yet to receive the refund in my bank account (I will update this thread when I do). The claim confirmation document shows the amount in EUR, so AXA may repay me in EUR rather than GBP. I emailed them my Revolut EUR account and will see if they use it for the upcoming repayment (otherwise the GBP account from my high street bank will charge fx fees and commision).

  2. As is usual in the UK nowadays, callers never introduce themselves and start the conversation with “Hi, am I speaking with [FirstName]? I need to ask you a few questions about your claim.” … it took a few good ping pongs to get the lady to introduce herself and provide more details about the call and who she represents, before I provide any personal details. I always advise friends to resist and inquire until they are satisfied that the call is legitimate. There are a lot of scammers out there who may not get your money, but may get your personal details, which can then be used by others in more sophisticated attempts.


Payment received from AXA on December 7th – so that’s almost exactly 2 months since claim was filed (October 6th).

AXA paid in EUR to my Revolut EUR account, after I emailed them my EUR banking details separately (after filing it on the phone, and after the initial email, but before they called me back to confirm it’s approved).

Note to everyone else: AXA pays in the same currency as the original expense. If you have a Revolut account then you can open an account in pretty much any currency and then exchange to GBP in the app with no fees.

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thanks for the insight. I’m glad they’ve refunded you in the end. It always takes time with this things…