Metal - Anyone successfully claimed on travel insurance for (minor) accidental injuries abroad?

I know I can just plow ahead and test myself but was wondering how many successful precedents are there to see if I should put in the time.

Long story short - had a minor accident abroad (slipped, broke fingers) needed urgent care abroad, not a huge sum, just shy of 180 EUR.

If I recall correctly there is a 50 GBP excess, so I’m looking at maybe recovering ~100 GBP

Any success stories from anyone here? How smooth was the process? I don’t see any app feature to initiate the claim so I assume it must be a direct phone call to Axa and then putting together papers and posting them, or does Axa do email/online + attached photocopies?

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Yes phone them and you will get a case number and paperwork to fill in. You can then email the scans. For car hire claim it worked fine.

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