Metal card after downgrade

So today I had a discussion with a customer service rep from curve on the app chat. I was advised that they you are now able to cancel the curve metal subscription but continue to use the metal card. She confirmed this twice. I paid my £50 as she requested and the app downgraded to curve Blue. I have the transcript from the chat confirming all I was promised.

Now within the app my metal card is locked, none of the chat features work. And I’m unable to get hold of anyone from curve.

Starting to think that unless your metal and paying a premium they don’t care.

Not great service.

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I believe in-app chat is currently only for Metal subscribers so you would be best to email to query the card being locked. Previously you couldn’t continue to use the metal card if you downgraded but if you have been told differently then clearly worth taking up further with CS.

Thank for the reply,

Yeah I have sent various emails and tried reaching to socials, I get nothing back. In the transcript of being told meeting metal card I did question it, but was told it’s something new they do. Problem I face now is I can’t chat to anyone and rectify the issue or use my curve card!!!

I think it’s probably just a question of waiting - if you only emailed today then it could take at least a few days for a reply (hence why the much quicker in-app chat was developed).

For now only metal ànd (legacy) black, but indeed no blue.

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Any updates on keep using metal card after downgrading? I am planning to do the same. Many thanks in advance.

No it is not for metal subscribers. I have the metal card and no one answers, even my mails are left without any word. I try to downgrade my plan (curve service is terrible) and everyone in curve ignores me. So, no metal does not work either.

Metal and black (legacy) subscribers definitely have the in-app chat functionality (see screenshot below).