Metal Card Annual Subscription cheaper in €. Why?

Is there any reason why it so much cheaper for the annual subscription in Euros, currently in Euros about £20 cheaper. Is there some extra euro tax that balances the difference?

Hey Mac, welcome to the community! We generally use a wholesale rate called Currency Layer that is sourced from a very broad base of commercial sources and banks around the world. I’m not too sure about this, though, so I’ll need to check for you!

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Thanks for the reply, Keira,

I would also have thought that being a British company, the other currencies would be converted from £, not as it appears the other way around.

Hopefully there is a fairer way to charge in Sterling? I’d like a Metal card but not sure at a 15% premium over the Euro-cost.


I think this is same way Apple, Samsung and others set their prices. For example the Iphone 12 at launch was £799, $799, €799. I don’t know how they settle for such an arrangement


I’ve just cancelled my Metal subscription which just renewed two days ago as I’m just not getting the benefit from it which is a shame.

Hey Nick,

Was Metal a close financial decision, or are there nowhere near enough advantages to make it worthwhile for you?

So, I had metal from July last year.

Mobile Insurance - I broke my phone and AXA were so unhelpful, as I have experienced from them in the past. I sent my phone off for repair and was told it was beyond repair, AXA would not accept an “online” assessment and wanted me to take the phone into a physical store when they were all closed due to the pandemic. I have had bad experience with AXA before and took them to the Financial Ombudsmen when they failed to pay a claim - the Ombudsmen found in my favour and AXA had to pay up.

Travel insurance - I’m unlikely to travel overseas until next year so I will “waste” six months of insurance cover. The insurance again is with AXA and I simply have no faith in them.

Airport lounges - as above, no travel = no airport lounge use.

1% cashback at six retailers - I would have to spend £1000’s to get my £150 membership fee back.

Therefore based on the above, I simply cannot justify £150 for the metal card, which I hardly ever use (as in get the physical card out of my wallet) as I use Google Pay.


Have you an update on the fees, were you able to find out anything?

I think it’s also worth noting that whilst EU customers pay less they also have approx 15% less coverage across all insurance elements and 15% lower limits across the curve card limitations i.e. fee free cash withdrawals. This is because EU cover limits are in euros as opposed to UK customer limits which are in GBP. I.E mobile phone cover of £800 UK customer vs 800€ for an EU customer or the travel baggage cover £1000 vs 1000€. Therefore you can’t directly comparable curve metal UK with curve metal EU.

Good points - didn’t know that. It will be interesting to see how the charges pan out for the USA card when it is launched?

If you look on the Curve USA website and on their announcement on this forum there is zero mention of any type of insurance offering for US customers.

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