Metal Card - Business + World on back, not World Elite


Just got my new shiny metal card. I’m wondering though why mine says Business and world on the back and not world elite as shown on the renderings on the website. Am I missing out on things?


@ukwizard The only difference between a Business and a Personal Metal card is the BIN number and the print on the back. However, the benefits are the same so you are not missing out on anything :blush:

Could you let me know the bin number that accesses the world elite MasterCard site.

I’m pretty sure without it written on the back though it would not be accepted as a world elite card.

Just try your card on this page.

Thanks, I did and it was rejected.

Looks like the business card sites not have the right six digits got the world elite

Have you had the chance to try the dedicated link for business cardholders and downloaded the app? LoungeKey is live!

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LoungeKey is not the only benefit should be available for World Elite.

What do you mean? It’s available for all Curve Metal customers, personal and business :slight_smile:

Sometimes I have problems with expressing my thought in English, sorry :slight_smile:

Yes, LoungeKey is available for all Metal customers. But there are extra benefits from Mastercard, for World Elite card owners (see World Elite Privileges page), and seems like those aren’t available with cards for Business.

I believe @andrey_yantsen is referring to the World Elite benefits that Mastercard offer.

They are usually accessed from here

These should be available for all Mastercard World Elite cards, but for some reason Curve Metal does not offer the proper, full package - only a selection of pretty useless and basic offers :frowning:

It probably doesn’t help that the BIN for Curve Metal is exactly the same as the BIN for Curve Blue, thus not actually differentiating the card at all…


@andrey_yantsen We can confirm that the Business card is a part of World Elite, even though it is not printed on the back. Would you and @ukwizard be able to contact our Customer Support team in-app or via confirming the first 8 digits of your Curve card? This will include the BIN and the sub-BIN :blush: We will then be able to investigate this for you.

Thanks, I’m good :slight_smile: I’m with non-business card. I was just trying to help @ukwizard anyhow.

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That’s not technically true. There are very real differences between personal and business debit cards. The big one being that websites and payment gateways can charge processing fees to business cards that they cannot charge on consumer/personal cards.

Out of curiosity why do Curve still issue business cards. Do you make more money on the fees than on personal cards?


True, and as a result some places don’t accept business cards, so acceptance for business cards is worse than for personal.

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My apologies, @ppuk, I did not phrase that correctly. I was referring to the differences related to World Elite. In this case, both Personal and Business Metal cards are the same.

We offer Business and Personal cards to our customers, as we are trying our best to make sure that the card type they have matches their needs. If anyone has a Business card and would like us to change it, we will be happy to do so as it is free of charge :blush:

The Curve strategy at the start seemed to be to push Business for the extra fees, it just didn’t work.

All the above is just a hangover from the early days. Nothing special about business at all

Yeah, and I can see why they would still prefer people to have business cards. I just wish they’d stop claiming that there’s no difference for the user :man_shrugging:


Totally with you there!

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This is not a true world elite card @Curve_Marie with all the benefits that come with it. In fact I don’t see any world elite benefits.

Should you really be promoting this if it’s not actually available?

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