Metal card color and payment structure

I’m interested in upgrading my blue subscription to metal. I can’t find the option to choose the red card (only blue and pink) and no option to choose if I want to pay monthly or yearly.

It will show up when you start the upgrade. :point_up_2:

Just looking to upgrade membership from free to Metal in the New Year (£150 per year).

Where has the Red coloured Metal Card option gone? Only two colours - horrible Pink and boring Blue colour options?

Kind Regards.


Red metal were limited edition.

Let’s assume that I upgrade my membership now and I choose the blue metal card? Am I able to change my card colour later if a change my mind?


you could ask the curve support to reissue your card in another color.

“For Curve Metal customers, please note as per our Terms of Service , we may charge a £50 fee to reissue your Curve Metal Card. This amount goes towards the cost of replacing your card.”