Metal card declined everytime

Very disappointed as a metal curve card member. It’s impossible for me to pay with it, it’s declined everytime I try to pay with it. Amazon, Best western, etc etc. What’s going on here ? Impossible to get an answer since the beginning.
First and last year with curve for me.

That’s weird. I have issues with CURVE, but I have to admit it never gets declined.
Are you sure the issue is not with your underlying card? For example, I was getting a decline when using the CRYPTO card as underlying card, but the issue was that I had to enable International Usage on the crypto card to make it work with CURVE.

I am fully sure since I paid with the underlined card to verify.
It’s a very disappointing for me as a new user…

Yes, the underlying card works by itself, but to be used with curve it could need International Usage to be enabled (at least, that is what happens with the Crypto Card)

International mode is on…


99% you need to proceed KYC process

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That was done. It is ok now with the physical card except for Leclerc and Magasin U which are 2 of my rewards. So, next year, I will downgrade because I can’t change these 2 and I can’t fully use the metal card assets.

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