Metal Card Delivery Status

Hi all / Curve.

I ordered metal card on Monday and just wanting to know is there a way to track my metal card delivery status?

It said Early Feb, but if a rough day could be given or a tracker to use it would be greatly appreciated!


As Marie has previously written in the below link

No tracking yet, however cards will be arriving shortly.

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Ordered mine on Monday and it arrived today, so hopefully will be with you soon :slight_smile:


Same, hopefully arrives tomorrow! Good to hear though.

Ordered mine 7 days ago and still hasn’t arrived!

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We have exceeded the daily production cap of our vendor, so there’s a backlog. You should have your card in 5-7 working days. Apologies for keeping you waiting. Would love to see your Metal cards when it arrives, please share an update with us: Which metal card colour did you choose!? :smiley: :tada:

We are looking into how we can pull off tracking the shipment when ordering Metal.

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Thanks for the update.

My only concern is does this time delay eat into the cooling off period? As my order was 28th Jan and if arrived eg late next week I only have a week or so before the cooling off period is up!

Or does this cooling off period start upon activating the card via app when arrives and not the subscription start date?


The cooling-off period technically starts when you order the card. We have added 14 more days to this time period so you will have 28 days in total.

That’s quite annoying to be honest. I ordered mine on the 17th Jan so technically have already used up the initial cooling period. Don’t understand how its taken over 2 weeks…

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Agreed, I think this should be flagged and the policy extended to card arrival / activation being when the metal card cooling period starts.


shouldnt is be from the day you activate the card?!


No. The law says you have a 14 day cooling off period after the time you purchased the item(s). Curve is doubling the amount of time you have to cancel. It doesn’t have to by law.

Correct, except my point is that how can a cooling off period start before the damn card is in my hand?!

Secondly, nothing against Curve, but AMEX feature that was key for me isn’t even working at present. Adding 14 days I would say is 100% necessary alone, law aside it’s a customer oretintated business, if it didn’t offer 14 extra days, I would of likely cancelled imminently. However, if I don’t receive card this week then I think a further 21 days cooling period should be applied.

Maybe because you can cancel it before it gets in your hands. In most cases just send it back and even better sometimes postage will be paid for by the company concerned.

With Amazon they normally advise to keep the canceled product and they send out another one or issue a refund.

Still waiting for my red metal card. Ordered it on Jan 28th mid afternoon. There seems to be no method to who gets cards and who doesn’t.
Curve are blaming Gemalto. Gemalto are blaming Curve.
All this time, I have paid for a product I am not getting.

Curves customer service in the last few months has gotten so bad that it makes ryanair look great! People need to lodge formal complaints as these have to be answered within a pretty strict timescale, failure to answer in this timescale means FoS can get involved and charge Curve ÂŁ550 each time!!

So you want people to complain so a company that you use is potentially brought to it’s knees. Which leads to it potentially not being around anymore for you to use. That’s proper critical thinking right there. :+1::confused::man_facepalming: