Metal card delivery time

Hi, i ordered my metal card at 21.4.2020, but my card still dont arrived. Is here somebody with that same problem, waiting 2 weeks for the card? Thanks :slight_smile:

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Ive orderd my card at friday, 24. April and its arrived 5 days later (29. April)

So Im fine :slight_smile:

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I ordered mine on Monday 27th April and it arrived on Thursday 30th April. But it was erroneously a consumer card (5375 90), as opposed to a commercial card (5375 91), so I am waiting for a replacement.

I have ordered my card on March 31st but I am still waiting to be delivered :frowning:

Same here, ordered on the 21st of April, still waiting :man_shrugging:t2:
I know that technically it’s been only 6 working days but still impatient to get my card!

Same here, I have ordered my metal card april the 16th and still nothing… :sob:

I don’t understand how delivery times can be so different :thinking:
Maybe the country you’re based in? I’m in France

Im from Czechia actually, thats not far away :man_shrugging:t2:

Well, I’ll keep checking the mail and post here when I finally receive it
It may also be linked to the French post, they don’t work as much as usual since the virus started (and they usually don’t work that much anyway, when they’re not on strike :joy:)

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Curve tell me, that they ship cards by DHL post, so it is independent on your French post i think…but it is weird…Wait that long for a “letter sized” item.

Mine arrived by Royal Mail, not by DHL. But it might be different for the UK.

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I’m in France too, but I think it takes time because the import platforms are idling.

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Hey guys :slight_smile:

Obviously, with the current circumstances there’s going to be delays with postal services, which sucks :sweat_smile: but you can always drop us a message at so we can confirm your ship date for you! We typically advise 3-5 working days for UK deliveries and 5-7 working days for Europe.


Hello guys, I ordered the blue card on April 19 and I haven’t received it yet. I live in Greece !!

DHL Post is basically just the German mail service. Once it reaches the destination country, it’ll get injected into the local mail service after customs.

DHL Paket (I think) and DHL Express are different, independent services.

What would be quite useful at the moment is if Curve would send an email, or put the card’s dispatch date in the app. Clearly COVID-19 is causing all sorts of problems and delays all over the place, but it would at least give some comfort to know it’s on the way.

I don’t know if that’s possible or not :frowning: but I’m sure you’ll get your card as soon as they can get it to you.

I contacted the support about the dispatch date, as suggested above by a Curve Team member, and apparently the “shipped” date given by the app is accurate.
Which surprises me, because the card was indicated as “Built” and “Shipped” literally seconds after I subscribed to Metal, so I just assumed it was wrong…

Anyway, having a tracking number for cards would be a great idea in my opinion. At least for Metal and Black offer since people are paying something :man_shrugging:t2:


I contacted the support about the delivery time. They said my card was dispatced using DHL (I’m in France). They asked me to wait until the end of next week. I’m now wainting for DHL.

Got the exact same answer from support yesterday, when has your card been shipped? (France aussi)

Mine arrived super quick. Think it was around 2 days and it appeared. Very happy with that!

2 weeks? Investors in September were promised a March delivery - It’s still nowhere to be seen :slight_smile:

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