Metal card delivery time

Hey @RicAndrade, @andyk is right. There are delays in postal services across most European countries at the moment so your metal card may take a little longer to get to you. However, it shouldn’t take more than 2-3 weeks so if it hasn’t arrived by the end of this week I’d advise getting in touch with our support team at so they can look into it for you. Also, just to note, your subscription is changed from the minute you upgrade so you can still use your Metal benefits while waiting for you card to arrive.

Hello, I bought my metal card the May 24, it never arrived and now I’m awaiting the second delivery.


Dear community, I wanted to ask how the delivery of the metal card was with you. I have actually upgraded to Curve Metal, but no information about the delivery is displayed to me, as is the case with my blue card (screenshot is included). I also still see Curve Blue, but the tabs for insurance are there. Support said they wanted to see it, but I still haven’t received a message for almost a week. Can someone help me or tell me how long to wait for an answer or the card?

Best wishes


When I upgraded to curve metal, I got an email pretty much straight away with the policy details via AXA.

Card followed 4 days later.

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Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile: :grin:

I’ve just upgraded to metal. Anyone know what the card shipping time is to the UK?

Also - do the cards still say “wirecard” on them, or have they all been used up?

Hey guys, our cards usually take around 3-5 working days to arrive in the UK and around 5-7 for the rest of Europe. @Stevendq your card will still say Wirecard on it but don’t worry, it won’t affect how you can use your card.

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Hi when I upgraded to Metal it was with me in two to three days :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I ordered one of these on the weekend, but the process didn’t seem to give me a chance to choose the colour of the card. Is there any way of checking what I’ll be getting (as there’s really only one colour I like)?

Edit - I see from another topic that there only appears to be red cards available now. Given that’s the colour I’d have picked, I can live with that.

Hmm… this was supposed to arrive on the 11th, but I still don’t have it.

If you live in the UK I’d contact support to ask whether it’s time to issue you a new one. We’ve seen that the delivery time has unfortunately varied a lot from country to country during the pandemic. Your benefits will start from the time that you ordered your card, so you’ll be able to earn cashback etc while you wait for your card to arrive.

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Looks like the second card they’ve supposedly sent isn’t going to arrive either (already late).

What a clownshow.

…and the third didn’t turn up either. I quit. Just going to ask them to refund now. Absolute joke.

I know this is approx. 3 months on since the last post.

Mine recently arrived 48 hours after ordering it much to my surprise! :grin::+1:
Have things improved or am I lucky? :question:

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do you live in England? Then you are lucky.

Yes I do live in England. It actually arrived quicker than the blue card and it arrived quicker than support answers emails :thinking:

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:)) I think it’s because you pay for the service, but if you have a problem, you will get poor(bad, horrible etc.) customer service like blue card customers.

Absolutely. I don’t expect preferential treatment for sure. Every user should have fast responses from Support.

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Hey @Andysplash glad to hear that your card arrived quickly!

@Cole I’d like to clarify that all of our cards are dispatched and sent the exact same way. There is no priority service for Black or Metal cards at the moment, delivery times vary based on where the cards being sent to.

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Okay, but that wasn’t about it, it was about catastrophic customer service. A paid customer receives the same as a non-paying customer.