Metal Card Issues


I’ve raised this with support on a case by case basis, but I’m finding my Metal card being declined when trying to withdraw cash on an alarming number of occasions.

I have no idea what I can do about this, but I never feel confident enough to go out with one card*

Pretty frustrating

*Actually, I do, if I take my First Direct debit card.

I take it you mean trying to use it in an ATM as opposed to asking for cashback in a store?

Hey @Christate99
We’re sorry to hear this! Have you already been in touch with our Support Team? If not, please send a message through to and a member of the team can look into the issue.

Yes, and they are always super helpful telling me the machine providers haven’t updated their systems or something. This doesn’t really help and I’ve never had the issue with any other bank.

Might be that ATM’s use outdated auth method (magstripe). Curve does not allow ATM use with this method. But if you are in modern country (like UK), it should not be issue (atm should use chip & pin).