Metal card limit page issues for HUF account

Issue: not able to view the card limit page and card activation questions

How to reproduce it: Couldn’t view the full amount of the card limit because of the currency. Not able to view my blue card details before the metal card arrives.

OS: 14.2

Device: iPhone 8 Plus

App version: 3.5.17

Hi there! It’s my first time to raise a topic on this platform. Hope I am doing this in the right way.

The question is… I upgraded from blue to metal yesterday, expected to receive the new card by Nov.25. Since I upgraded, my card limit page on the app just changed the currency from GBP to HUF. I totally understand it’s because of my residency, but the limit is too high to show the whole amount. Is it possible for the team to fix this? Thank you. (As this is still the limit for Curve blue, if the bug couldn’t be fixed, once the limit has been raised, it could have more issues. )

Also, as far as I am concerned, I am still able to use my Curve blue card before the metal one arrives. But there is no detail regarding my blue card. Everything is all about the new metal card. Can I just deactivate the blue one and activate the metal one later on? Thanks for looking through all this stuff.

upgraded to metal? well, i can say the timing was pretty bad… you’ll pay for something you won’t be able to use properly. you’ll receive a new card with hungarian BIN, GBIT won’t work for transactions above 5000 huf…

as soon as you activate your new card the current card stops working

Thanks for the reply. that’s a shame that the GBIT wouldn’t work for our Hungarian BIN. In fact, I haven’t used this feature before. But I believe the team shouldn’t fix this as well as the limit page should be fixed.