Metal card questions

Hello all,
I have a few questions about the metal card and its features.

  1. If one of my retailers is Asda, the transactions on their petrol station qualify for cashback?

  2. Can I change the retailers? I don’t mean on the fly before a big transaction but at least one or twice per year. If I relocate for example my supermarket retailer might not have presence in my new area. Just to make it clear I am not asking because I want to get the subscription fee back through cashback but because our circumstances change I think we should be able to amend our selection of retailers.

  3. For the travel and gadget insurance will I receive any paperwork or terms and conditions?

  4. Mobile phone insurance. Do I have to send proof of my current device and condition ?

  5. Travel insurance. How many holidays per year does it cover, for the whole family and how do you let them know?

I think that’s it for now.

Thank you in advance.

Hi how can I change the PIN for a metal card? I don’t mean an app but a card. And what exactly does the insurance that is part of the metal card cover? I forgot a bag with electrical appliances worth about GBP 30 in the tram. Does that apply to it? And even though I have a case and a protective glass on my mobile phone, my protective glass broke when my mobile phone fell off and a new one costs about 25 GBP. So does it cover any of that, and if so, how do I deal with it? Thank you.

1 - Yes, it doesn’t matter what the transaction is, if you have chosen Asda and where you spend is in Asda, you will receive cashback

2 - You can change, try checking with the support

3/4/5 - You’re supposed to get an email with the terms and conditions in relation to the insurance


You can change your PIN at any ATM that has the “PIN change” function. “PIN Change” is available on all ATMs that accept Mastercard® in most EU countries with exception of Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Germany, Spain, Portugal and France.

If your local ATM doesn’t work, you can use the Mastercard® ATM locator to find a compatible ATM here.

When you change your PIN, make sure you choose a 4 digit PIN – Curve doesn’t support PINs that are longer than this.

Your questions about insurance can be found here.


You can’t do that!

You can’t change the stores :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that once you confirm your choice of retailer you won’t be able to change it.

More info here :point_down:

I would like to have the option to change the retailers, at least once per year.
As I said before circumstances change.

I guess I will leave it for now.

Thank you all for your help

You can vote it :point_down:


I did vote.

Thank you for sharing that topic with me

Personally I applied for it and it was accepted, I was able to change my favourite retailers.


Hey! We normally don’t allow a change in retailers for our cashback offering, however on a case by case basis we do look at this and sometimes we can reset them for you. This will be depending on the circumstances and reason for why you need a change in your retailers.

For example, if you move and are no longer located near a few of the retailers that you originally chose and you’re a paying subscriber to either Black or Metal, we may be able to get these reset for you!

This is not something we do often however, so please bear this in mind.


There are also some special events when Curve allows their customers to change their cashback retailers selection. :star_struck: Happened before Christmas :christmas_tree: last two years :spiral_calendar:, but it’s not a rule so you cannot rely on it… :deaf_man:

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I just upgraded to metal.
Is my blue card still active? Can I use until the metal arrives?

Thank you

Also I didn’t get an option to choose colour

Yes & yes.

Thank you!

I will start getting the 1% when the metal card arrives?

Nope, you will already start receiving the 1% cashback and the other metal perks once your metal subscription has started (so also with your blue card).

Nice. Thanks