Metal card renewal

When and if we renew our metal cards, do we get a new one issued? Mine is looking a bit tired and just wondered?

Renew in what way? Do you mean after the expiry date or something else?

Hey @TonyB, if this is regarding renewing your subscription, no you wouldn’t get a new card issued. However, if your card is damaged, feel free to get in touch with support ( and they’ll see what can be done :slightly_smiling_face:

Would it cost to get a new card if it is damaged?

For that answer you would have to look into the terms and conditions that are issued with your metal card.

Alternatively contact Curve support on and they will get back to you with a concrete answer.

Happy new year. :tada::grin:

This isn’t true.

Mine has issues with NFC and I was told to basically wait for the whole card to fail or pay £50.

I will pay that £50 as soon as Apple Pay comes out :wink:

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You could always cancel metal (after the minimum term), and they’ll send you a new plastic card. Then resubscribe to metal and they’ll have to send you a new metal one.


So curve rather give you 2 new free cards then to simply replace 1 card for free . Sometimes I wonder how the curve team comes up with these ideas. :man_facepalming:t5:

Loophole or what :sweat_smile::joy::sweat_smile:

Im sure its free replacement if your card is stolen?