Metal card stopped working - How long to fix?

My card stopped working on Thursday with no warning, just one decline after another. It is still not working today.

I reported the problem to Curve (through email as the app tickets are not loading for me either) and they replied quickly that the account was closed in 2018 and this is why the card didnt work. They were looking at an old account.

I have used Curve for a couple of years now, recently (Jan) done some additional security and it has worked fine. I have tried changing the underlying card, that did not help. I have tested the card I am charging to and it works fine.

Curve have just responded with we are looking into it.

I don’t want to rock the boat too much as I may need to claim on the insurance if we cannot travel due to coronavirus (if it is covered) so I don’t want them to create a new account, I just want it to work.

Has anyone had any experience of this, if there any way to get the card working again sooner and can I expect an explanation as to what went wrong?

My only thought is I tried to buy some alcohol from Amazon, but I thought the alcohol bar had been lifted, and that would have been a quick fix anyway.

It is very frustrating.

I’d give the number a call on the back of the card since I’d see this is an urgent issue

Card is working again now, explainable was something triggered their risk engine, I how if it happens again the engine can be reset a little faster.

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