Metal cards what's the hype?

In a world where everything is going mobile and watch contactless, and now only ever having to leave the house with one card… I’m curious to know why people are fascinated by metal cards?

To be honest, I yearn for the day where I truly leave the house with no cards. Google Pay is enough for me. But unfortunately there are still places who don’t take cards and I need to be able to cash out.

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I agree with you it’s a fad, a metal card is more heavy and doesn’t deal with dents and scratches as gracefully as a plastic card.

Even worse is the fact is that the Curve Metal card is a metal card sandwiched in a plastic core. (The majority of cards are like this if they want to offer contactless payments.) Some (mostly premium) metal cards are indeed all metal which makes them even heavier and no contactless payments.


Ah did not realise this, I’m not sure I’d want a card that wasn’t contactless.

Thanks for your explanation Patrice.

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Me too… but then the Apple Card does not have contactless as they expect you to use an iPhone or Apple Watch for contactless transactions, so I could live with that (having just moved from Android to iOS yesterday) :sunglasses:

You actually moved from Android to iOS, why? I moved from iOS to Android and it was the best decision I ever made. I’m finally free from Apples Jail :grin:


Moved from carrying work iPhone 7 and personal Galaxy S10+ and now have work iPhone that’s dual SIM, so just transferring personal number into phone eSIM and will stick physical work SIM card in there, so I only need to carry one device :+1:

I’ve been waiting 8 years to get to this position as I can only renew work phone every 3 years, so finally have a dual SIM phone… hope if all works out :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

On a sidenote, you can have dual sim Galaxy S10 etc., but I guess the work policy is iPhones only, as it (sadly) is spread.

I deliberately bought a dual SIM Galaxy S10+ but I need to have a device managed by work for security purposes so iPhone it is… but now all sorted with personal and work phone numbers :+1:

My Amex card is metal and heavy as hell. Can’t remember the last time I left the house with it.

My wallet contains just my curve card.

I use Apple Pay for 90% of my transactions and almost never carry cash even on holiday (Cape Town was the last) . Hate the stuff.


Couldn’t agree more with this!

I like them, I appreciate build quality as you would appreciate the build quality of an Apple laptop.

My plastic cards start chipping a bit, the colors and they show scratches more. While Metal even if it can dent it doesn’t show as much wear. I also prefer it to be a bit cold to touch and some weight for reminding you have to be careful when you pay.

I pay almost everything with my Apple Watch and don’t show any card but if I am in a nice dinner with a date, I’d like to be more elegant and put a nice physical card on the table. And I’m a girl! but sometimes I like to be more elegant just as when you show up in a nice cocktail dress if going to a nice restaurant.


If only Amex still worked with Curve ey

Fair points, I can see the appeal for those that prefer a metal card

I think it’s a show off millennial ‘fad’. I think they are good and plastic isn’t dead yet far from it. Metal cards do give a show off point so people might not want to use Apple/Google Pay etc.