Metal Contactless Issues

So I’m not sure if this is just an issue with BP but I’ve only seen it in BP Garages. It seems like the metal card isn’t seen by their readers.

Chip and PIN is fine and goes through without issue, but there’s not even the beep to suggest the card has been read for it to then be declined.

Had anyone else seen similar things at BP Garages or anywhere else for that matter?

I’ve used my metal card in my local BP a few times, the card reader is odd, you have to tap the side of it rather than the screen that most do, but it’s worked every time.

I’ve found that with metal cards, the range of the contactless antenna seems to be shorter than with plastic cards. So where a plastic card being somewhere near the antenna in the reader seems to be good enough, with the metal card you generally have to actually place the card on top of the correct place on the reader.

I’ve tapped on the side, I learnt that lesson back when I got my Apple Watch a few years ago. I’ve tried in around 4 different locations and it’s always failed.