Metal Curve investor Card - Need help to get it @support TEAM!


I have to post here, because i don’t get any relevant answer from the classical support… sorry.
I didn’t receive anything yet, i didn’t get any update on my current card.

Am I the only one in that case ?
Do we have a specific point of contact from Curve as we are investor ?

Thanks in advance,

Hey, unfortunately we can’t check your account on the forum as we’re Curve users just like you! It’s best to get in touch with the support team through your app or through Twitter DM (@AskCurve) so they can take a look!

No, we don’t, but you can request access to the Crowdfunding Investors group here.
In this group crowdfunding investors can discuss between themselves and announcements relevant to the current crowdfunding investors are made there.
But since this is a user community also in that group there is no Curve support for individual cases.