Metal curve plan ... so many problems

Dear Sir, Dear Madam,
I come here in desperation as I get no response from curve assistance, either by email or chat, no response for more than 10 days.
I have been a curve customer for several years in the free offer and for a few months in the black offer. I took the plunge towards the metal offer recently (150 euro / year) and since then I have only had problems. when I go to “manage your plan” in the app, I get an error message telling me to try again later. When I add a merchant to the cash back, the app tells me that I have to switch to the metal plan. When I add a 6th card, the app tells me that I also have to switch to the metal plan. However I paid the 150 euro, I received the metal card and I received the insurance conditions by email. And to top it off, the metal card does not work in contactless (no problem in “normal” use). and what annoys me the most: no response, I feel completely ignored while I really need assistance.
Do you have any solutions ?

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Same here for the black plan :disappointed:

Similar here (31 days and counting). Support refunded me my £150 and I’m waiting for them to fix/investigate.