Metal & Europe

Wondering if someone in Europe will take the Metal Curve?
If yes, why?

I take, for travel insurance and airport lounge access.

I would, but they have to fix the problem preventing a portion of users to update their subscription.

Imho problem should have been already fixed. It’s already five days now…

Lounge access is just a reduced price, not free?

Yes, just reduced price.

How much?

Just received my Rose Gold Metal Card in the Netherlands. I’m in love with the look and the feel of it.


Seems slick!
But, what is the real advantage for us in europe… beside the travel insurance, we have also with revolut and others…

I would, but unfortunately some of the advantages aren’t available in Eastern Europe, so atm there no point in upgrading.

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I will get the Metal (after Curve fixes the bug preventing me to upgrade) because of these reasons:

  • metal card itself and its luxurious look
  • Curve Cash (cashback) as I pay pretty often in Tesco and Lidl thus a lot of Metal costs will come back
  • Metal doesn’t cost much more than Black (just 2,5 € more if you go for annual)
  • insurance is also nice benefit - although I also have it on other cards, each one has got slightly different benefits, e.g. Curve has got much higher medical care costs coverage

Will go Metal for both me and my wife as soon as Curve fixes the bug “Couldn’t update user details” error.

One question:
If i get the metal for 6 months, and then downgrade to blue/black, will the metal card still work, or will i be booted back to my original blue card or even sent a new blue/black?

Nope. Getting the jade Green metal card instead.

Metal card will stop working. You will be sent a new blue/black card (depending on your downgrade choice).

I’ll get it, no matter which benefits I get from it :slight_smile:
The card itself is worth the price for me.

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I will think about it once the contactless payment options especially Google pay and Fitbit pay are available in Europe.


Curve Metal is absolutely worth it in my opinion.

I would get metal if it would not be for the fact that I will loose the Black Legacy tier in case I want to cancel the metal subscription for any reason. As I already consulted this matter to customer service… -if I would get the chance of trying the product for one year with the possibility of coming back to Black Legacy I would take it-

Since the arrival of the Metal offer in France, I still don’t have the possibility to take the Red Card, I’m only offered the blue or the pink one… Is there a solution? I’m on Android 10 (S10+).

That’s strange, I’m in France and I have the option to choose the Red Card.

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