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I broke my smartphone screen and I tried to contact Axa if it is possible to have a compensation. By phone +33 1 70 75 12 18 the line was closed yesterday and today it is opened but no one is answering (waited for >1 hour…).
I filled out a form online but the same none got back to me / same by email at

Is the someone has the same issue with them?
I am interested if you had compensation by them about broken or lost phone.

Thank you :slight_smile:


Hello @Will,

It can take a few days before someone get back to you via email from axa insurance. Before special days and directly after it will probably take longer before you get a response because most people are on vacation.

here are the parts from the document.


Thank you for the details
Wait and see :crossed_fingers:

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Just to let you know, I contacted AXA UK on Twitter. Someone directly called back and was able to raise the claim.
I am now waiting for first step validation.

At the end I’ll you know the full process for who are interested :wink:


Would be interested to know how the claim goes, speed, etc.


This is very useful thank you but seems like anywhere you can only travel to half the continents from that description :joy:

I have received an email saying I will have to wait 15-20 working days because they have delay…

The internet review about the mobile phone insurance claims.

:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:Bad to hear… I hope I will not experience the depreciation too. I bought my phone on Oct 19th… Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Hello everyone,

Just a “quick” feedback about the phone damage insurance with Axa worked for me…
I broke the screen on my smartphone on december and there were several damages inside which make the phone more expensive to repair than the price itself…

28/12 : I tried to contact Axa by phone (UK and FR landlines), the line was closed lol (good start !), so I reported the claim by the online form and
29/12 : I tried again to reach Axa by phone, the line was opened but never get any answer after an hour waiting…
30/12 : Contact Axa UK on twitter and Axa called me back, they asked about information about the damages, IMEI how it happened, price, date of invoice etc.
03/01 : Received an email explaining delays (about 15 to 20 business days)
05/01 : Received a call, asking for the circumstances of damage, price of phone, when it was bought etc. They asked, document (invoice with IMEI, price estimate to fix it, IBAN/BIC) to send by email.
14/01 : I contacted Axa through twittter again to ask how my claim is going. Someone called me back to confirm the status and then received an email to confirm 800€ refund (the price of the smartphone is higher and the phone was bought on October so there is no depreciation).
I will receive the amount directly on my account in a week.

Note :

  • If you want to reach Axa by phone, ask Axa UK on twitter to call you back (with the claim number)
  • If you leave in EU, there is a limit of 800€ (instead of 800£ on the policy…)
  • Phone assistance and email never answer ! Don’t forget to fill the online form to make sure to have proof you claimed on time !

I hope my experience will help !


Glad it worked out quickly for you.

btw, did you say they gave you 800 euros to fix the screen ??


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Oops I forgot to explain, I went to a Samsung repair center and then discovered the motherboard and another component have been damaged. So it costs more to replace internal components than buying a new one… :confused: