Metal Investor Card Arrived Today. Have to call you to add to Google Pay?

Has anyone else had this?

My Metal Investor card has arrived today. I’ve activated it, but, now can’t add it to Google Pay because the only way to confirm it’s mine is to call - which I did. But there’s no-one there to answer the call?

What happened to text message verification? Why have we taken a step into the past where we have to call to get it added?

Hello Rich!

It seems some of the investor cards need manual verification when you’ve activated Google/Apple Pay with curve on a couple of devices. Its maybe a device limit?

I had this with my original metal card, then with my plastic card when I downgraded, then today again with my investor card. I don’t think I’ll bother calling them again.

Issue has already been solved:

Is a known bug. Has to do with how the mobile number of the user is stored by Curve.

Solved on this post: