Metal launch in other countries

Are you guys planning to launch metal overseas soon?
I’m in France and interested about the cashback feature (6 retailers)


Me too …:slight_smile:

same here, waiting for it Denmark!

I’m aware they are working on this but there is not an exact launch date yet.

Waiting for the launch in Italy <3

Hy all !

I’m a French user of Curve, and honestly I really appreciate it, using 6 card at the time it is game changer for my wallet.

But I see in and there that there some changes to come about offer and subscription plan.

There is not any info about planning for other countries, we do not know what is going to happen : there is no info on the website (the one I see) and no details on the curve communauté also except grandfathering and beta test feedback.
It is very frustrating :slight_smile:

Also if there is any beta test for new products in France I’ll be happy to subscribe.


Hello Charles,

We haven’t forgotten about you :slight_smile: We are currently preparing to launch out of the beta programme, so the updates you are referring will be broadly communicated once we do launch. The plan is to find a way to have open Betas in the future where all our customers can join.

You can find a sneak peak of what’s to come here:


Hi Marie !
Thanks for your reply.
Any idea of the planning about launching the beta to French users ?


Hy !

I’ve been very patien but still, it is very frustrating to do not fell considerate. You guys mainly (only) communicate on Curve metal while it is not available for ALL users out of UK.

Should consider doing something very quick because I now consider to cancel my subcription since you do not seems to plan to do anything…

It is very dissapointing but I guess you have your own agenda.


Hello Charles,

Please follow our monthly updates so you can see what’s being worked on:

The latest updates we’ve had was actually Curve Cash. The programme was developed to have a more balanced offer to all of our customers. You can read more here: We've launched Curve Cash!

Sorry I’m not finding anything specific about Curve Metal in France.

Can you give details about it please ??


:wave: Hello!

It’s more likely to happen in 2020 than this year. We want to make this happen for you all as soon as possible!

It seems Curve heard our request and teasing it…

I remember first half of 2019… 2020 is so far away :frowning:

2020 is exactly 1 year after the UK launch which is really long…

I dont understand really if this is a Market problem or a real legal problem…After all, plastic or Metal are both MC, issued by the same Fintech ( Curve here), and does work in many Countries…Since the plastic card does work in France, why not the Metal one ? even with other perks…Pat

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Curve is not currently a card issuer :upside_down_face: We do want this to happen as soon as possible. There’s a bit more to creating payment cards than the physical card :sweat_smile: It’s not a problem, it will just take some time to set up in a way that we can scale it.


Hello Marie ! You’re right ! i was a bit more light in my analyze…:slight_smile:
The reason is that we are excited to have the Metal too…aha .
Thanx for the response. Pat.


Got my name down for the Beta, but really ithcing for a Metal to have the cashback on the 6 retailers

So, still 2020? :sob:
Waiting for it so much…