Metal launched, now on to the next card tier

First of all, don’t get me wrong, I love my curve card! However I also feel we are quite far away from a high quality card, yes we received metal, but when can we expect to receive tier that makes it possible for me to cancel my Priority Pass, cancel my Amex Gold, Revolute metal card account and my personal travel insurance?

I would love to make curve my one and only card (and yes I know that requires Amex support), but that also requires unlimited lounge access for myself and a guest (which will replace my priority pass), a proper rewards programme (which would get me to downgrade from my Amex Gold), High quality all world travel insurance, concierge service and if I could ask, a discrete card design, in metal of course.

Am I the only one? (And yes I know there may be more perks missing from a card like this).

I agree but Curve isn’t an actual credit lender so won’t make the money on transactions and repayments like others do, so I can’t see Curve replacing those benefits…

The metal card does seem weirdly positioned. I can’t see them going for a full Amex Platinum competitor, but what I would like to see is a really good proposition in one or two areas, instead of half-hearted attempts in several:

  • The foreign exchange is good, except on weekends, when it’s a bad deal
  • The insurance is ok, but only covers shortish trips, and doesn’t cover sports for most trips
  • The rental car cover only covers low-value cars
  • The gadget cover only covers up to £800
  • The lounge key gives you a discount, but no included entries

Basically, nothing that metal provides is good enough that I don’t also need something else for the same thing. So that makes all the benefits worthless. I would much prefer them choose one or two and provide a really good service (eg. really good gadget cover but no travel insurance), so that at least in one category you wouldn’t need another product. Couple that with some extra benefits that are actually tied to Curve and cost nothing to provide (eg. specifying certain cards for certain subscriptions), and they’d actually have a worthwhile package that could also be profitable for Curve.


I get that, but then put a price tag on it, based on what i pay in fees at the moment for all my different services, i would be able to pay quite a bit for this, I they managed to package it all into one so i could cancel the rest of my stand alone products…

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