Metal subscription covid discount renewal

As a Metal subscriber I’ve not been able to use any of the travel and insurance benefits for nearly 12 months.
Surely Curve should discount renewal subscription?

My car insurer has given a refund for my much reduced mileage.

How about it Curve?

What do other Metal subscribers think?


It’s a nice idea, but I guess it really comes down to whether Curve could negotiate a discount from AXA and LoungeKey - I can’t see Curve sending out refunds (or extending subscriptions) out of their own pocket.

Personally, I get no value out of the travel + insurance benefits even when I am traveling, so I can’t say I could really justify asking for an extension or refund.


Exactly the same here, which is why I recently downgraded to the standard blue card

Good idea but I think you need to take the hit on the basis we have all had inconvenience and additional cost throughout COVID, equally many have had the opportunity to save thousands by being restricted to staying at home.
If you had purchased a travel insurance policy from say AXA direct do you think they would refund you if you asked.
Sorry, but we all need to carry our loses, and gains during these unprecedented times.


Fair enough Ianm.
Be good if they fixed the Curve Cash automatic feature.

I don’t think metal subscription and car insurance are comparable products really.

I guess people could downgrade at anytime… for those who got it for free as an investment perk might be at a slight disadvantage.

Car insurance is slightly different. Because most individuals pay per year. And those who don’t will still have to pay (unless they get SARN). It is illegal to drive car without valid insurance so it is more of necessity. The car insurance market has been kind I agree (mainly because of lack of cars on the road and reduction in number of claims/accidents).

Metal subscription is more like amazon prime/netflix subscription. If one doesn’t get free deliveries in January Amazon wouldn’t refund the cost of membership for a month. It is up to an individual to review benefits of their subscription periodically and ensure they are fit for purpose :blush:
So if one is not planning to get benefit from metal subscription they should review the requirement and cancel next month.

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Maybe they can give an option to replace for some of the benefits…
Fir example instead of worldwide travel insurance they can provide breakdown cover or Rakuten movie codes or magazine subscription.

Probably too much hassle for curve. Hopefully we will all get vaccine and start travelling and hopefulyy never have to use the insurance :blush:

I have an Amex Platinum card and over the year they have have rewarded me with £300 worth of vouchers to compensate for the lack of card use. Fair enough the card costs £500+ per year but they’ve given me over 50% of that back.

I’ve also had refunds from my car insurance so a small refund for your lack of travel wouldn’t go a miss.

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Through the same Amex Platinum offers, I’ve bought for free a £100 M&S gift card, a £100 John Lewis gift card, and will soon buy another £175 John Lewis gift card at Waitrose. That’s on top of a £400+ free meal at a Marriott hotel. That’s £775 of free expenditure after paying a £575 annual fee.

Curve should likewise give something back to its Metal customers for their £150 annual fee.

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I love my platinum benefits, recently used the Harvey nichs offer to purchase grey goose vodka for free.

I ditched curve metal, and now only use my curve card for business expenses. I’ve been a curve customer from the beginning so will stick around, just not happy with poor service levels since covid outbreak.

Surely anyone in their right mind would have downgraded their card at the start of the pandemic.

So you are the arbiter if right minds…

But you are not the arbiter of spelling

I use curve metal to pay a cc with a cc so its still really worth it i would pay even £200 a year

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My subscription came up for renewal today, but I let them know I wish to cancel it and close my account. £150 is steep for 1% cashback from six retailers, plus a host of international perks that it’s not likely I’ll have a chance to use this next year. It would need to be at least half the price to make it justifiable to renew, but I’ve had a Ruby metal card with since the new year that gives me a much better deal and with no annual fee. Curve need to re-evaluate their product.


Well said, there is becoming very little point in having a curve card. Free or paid for.