Metal Users - Will you be renewing?

So I’ve used Metal now since being an early adopter of it back when Amex support was rumoured to actually still be a thing.

Curious to know, how many of us Metal users plan on maintaining our metal memberships going into 2020.

What will you be doing?

  • Renewing
  • Downgrading
  • Cancelling - (Leaving Curve Completely)

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Myself, I’ll be downgrading at some point as i’ve been generally disappointed by the offering.

  • My Red Metal Card wear and tear looks terrible and it’s not been a full year yet, the backing is now beginning to peel away from the card in the corner and I rarely use it (My Main Card usually £5k a month - card looks pristine, Curve usually £200 a month - card is ratty around edges and is falling apart)
  • Travel Insurance - meh.
  • Gadget Insurance - super meh.
  • Loungekey discount - meh, I already have a better deal.
  • Low/No FX Fees - Yes please - this is a nice perk, but it’s given with Blue and is available with other products for free too.
  • Cashback - Meeeeehh! - It’s 1% at selected retailers. It is not even factored into my spending habits and in the last year I think my curve cash sits at £6… for someone who has never used it for spending.

I think ill be keeping mine,

The wear on mine is negligible nothing like you describe, i’ve spent over 57k through it, although clearly not all using the card itself.

Travel insurance - i’ve other cover.
Gadget insurance is ok, ive other mobile cover.
LoungeKey - never used, never likely to.
FX savings, really good.
Cashback - ive probably been averaging about £10 a month on this.

So all in all pretty satisfied, if i pay the annual fee, the Cashback more than makes it worthwhile.


I can’t see any reason to renew.

  • Travel insurance - doesn’t cover me as I’m not a permanent resident. Even if it did the coverage isn’t sufficient and I would still need other coverage
  • Gadget insurance - I have other cover, as Curve’s limits are too low, so Curve adds nothing.
  • LoungeKey - I have a better deal elsewhere, and very few lounges I’ve been to are worth £20
  • FX - rarely use it, as I often travel over weekends, when the exchange rate is poor.
  • Cashback - I’m on the old rewards program. I make about 50p/month. On the new Curve Cash I’d make nothing, as all the merchants I use from it take amex, and I get better value using Amex.

My card looks ok, but the plastic backing is separating from the metal, which isn’t ideal.

To be fair, I shouldn’t have signed up in the first place, but back then I was enthusiastic about Curve’s future.

Personally, I think metal represents very poor value, and black is even worse. I’m surprised that >50% say they’ll renew, but I guess if the insurance limits are acceptable to you and you don’t use an Amex card, then might be ok value.


I originally voted that I would be renewing but, I am pretty horrified at the way Curve has been handling things of late and am very concerned by some of the accusations made by some customers on Twitter. Today’s latest one being an accusation of blackmail.

While there are two sides to every story, I just haven’t seen anything positive for months. Yes, there was Google Pay and Samsung Pay but while they’re a novelty for Curve only users they’re pretty much expected by most people.

I used Curve every single day, for every transaction where the card isaccepted but without Apple Pay, without 3DS I just can’t justify the £15 per month and even at £10 I’d still feel it wasn’t useful.

I don’t want insurance, I don’t want my gadgets protected - I just want a product built for 21st century spending.

Once I saw the narrative on Apple Pay changing on Twitter from ‘Keep an eye out ;)’ back to ‘We don’t have a timeline’ I gave up and just changed to a Brick and Mortar bank that doesn’t charge me to use my cards to shop or withdraw cash abroad.

I would like to think I’ve tolerated a lot and Curve has nearly always been helpful in my correspondence with them however on top of my rant above, my cash back is essentially useless because the relevant stores don’t use the company name in their transactions as they’re local franchises so, the options were to save and photograph piles of receipts or just let it go - so, I let it go.

Once my 12 months is up, I won’t be renewing or downgrading unless there’s been a fundamental change in Curves attitude to getting things done and their approach to customer service.


Could you please share your assessment of what induced you to subscribe to Metal in the first place?

I always get a problem to a merchant to call themselves dundee on their merchant name and their Caffè Nero or Asda having numbers in the merchant name cause you used a store that was previously a coop it’s getting annoying it’s not all about whether it’s a franchise or not it’s about how the name comes across and how the curve pick them up so you get the points. I make sure I have a receipt either digital or in paper screenshot or photo along with the transaction in curve app screenshot I send standard message saying points not added for the transaction and always get them and sometimes they make mistakes and award more to compensate you

I will only have six retailers I use the most and I had to choose what I know I use more and I can’t argue it should be more but their only one I use all the time the rest it’s odd occasion so to get cashback you have to have what’s best and for me four include getting hot drinks McDonalds Caffè Nero Starbucks costa coffee and only one supermarket Tesco and boots the chemist

I used to have Sainsbury’s and Asda on my list but neither I used enough and I missed out in cashback from costa coffee for having a second supermarket on the list for when I might go their which was less times than costa and I spend more in costa

Think I will stick with it for another year … have high hope’s :grin:

For me it was as follows:

  • Amex access (even after it blew up in curve’s face I still hoped my scepticism about them being unable to deliver it would be undeserved)
  • The big reduction and money back for early adoption from black, that was time limited. No way I’d go for a full price one, but the discount especially given the promised improvements and possible favouritism for staged rollouts, that was a selling point.
  • Modifiable cashback - I wasn’t to know at the time just how little benefit this would be to my spending.
  • Fancy looking red metal card.

What’s happened since is that:

  • Curve actually has simplified things to the point of letting me see just how little my spending relies on alternative methods of payment to my Amex card, because of that I don’t really need an “MasterCard to Amex points converter”, what I actually need is a functional wallet that holds all the cards I use (without penalty for using it). Curve cannot do this, so in fact when I used to carry 2 cards, now I carry three. 1 amex, 1 curve and a backup card for the times curve has down time.

  • because Curve has let me realise just how little I need to use a different card to Amex, I’ve also noticed cashback isn’t worthwhile for me. It’s better than a nipple twister but i’ve yet to actually collect much of it.

  • vanity - well I can say the red metal card has not aged well. It looks terrible imo, and the back peeling off the card is almost affecting the card’s functionality now. I have to insert it carefully for chip and pin transactions. Definitely a let down.


Most of the people posting here are saying that they have travel insurance gadget insurance and loungekey access from elsewhere! I’m wondering why on earth they subscribed to a metal card in the first place?..

For me the travel insurance alone makes the subscription worth it as I always travel with my partner and 3 kids, loungekey I probably won’t use but gadget insurance is good…

… The cashback however is not that great, I recently changed my selection of retailers and found that coop is not on there, even though is features in curves advertising! I strongly believe that cashback for the metal card should be 1% on EVERY transaction


Because unlimited FX is something that’s more attractive and can easily cover the cost of the monthly subscription.

I agree though, I wish the cash back was on every transaction. I’d even settle for 0.5%


But that is something you can get elsewhere for free and without or with lower weekend mark-up.

Yup! Just you don’t know, until you know.

I gave my justifications in response to another person’s question above.

Very interesting topic! We’d be very keen to learn what features and benefits you would like to have with the Metal card in the future!

That shouldn’t happen and we’d love to send you a new one. Could you please reach out to me via DM?

Happy to read that you’re satisfied and making good use of the cashback programme, @markjm58 !

How does the franchise name differ from the chain store name on the transactions? Would you be better off updating your cashback retailers?

I can’t find Coop on the FAQ list, but can certainly suggest it to the team :slight_smile: Can you recall where you saw the ad?

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Sorry meant to say co’op as in cooperative. I can’t remember witch ad it was but I think it was available last time I chose the cashback retailers. I think for metal card holders you really need to allow us to change retailers more often, if it was up to me cashback would be across the board for metal but I understand that may not be affordable for curve

Does anyone have pictures of the wear on the metal card?

Frankly I don’t know why they even bothered with the insurance and lounge pass as they are both almost impossible to extract any value from.

sounds like its the least of problems but they need to get better quality metal cards from wirecard or go full metal, the wuality of the cards is an insult to paying premium prices

I only joined curve a few months ago & joined purely so I don’t have to carry cards around with me that I rarely use, so for that it’s been great. (Particularly when my purse was stolen & I only had to replace one card & had use of my others)

I upgraded to Metal about 2 months in & am quite happy so far. I upgraded because my packaged bank account changed it’s terms. I previously had travel ins & gadget cover through them & this seems very similar cover

I don’t have Amex so that’s not an issue for me
Apple Pay would be nice but I rarely use it anyway.
I would rely on the Travel ins if going to Europe but would back up with other cover if Worldwide.
The gadget cover is fine for me.
FX will be useful for me on holiday as none of my other cards currently give this. Will just avoid spending on it at weekends where possible (many other companies have this clause too)
I’m disappointed in Loungekey. I was hoping to use it soon but frankly what you get for £20pp at Heathrow T2 just isn’t worth it. I don’t know if other airports are better.
Cashback is probably only about £3 a month for me. I agree that Metal users should be able to switch more often or have a percentage across all spending.

Whilst I’m happy with Curve generally, I’m still not sure if I’ll keep metal on renewal. If I switch banks & get a decent package with them, it’s probably not worth it unless the terms/cashback improve.

The COOP was in one of your emails grafic over xmas, when offering to change cashback selection i think

My Metal is due end of this month. I have been with Curve since the start. I won’t be renewing. I"ve already emailed support to cancel my subscription and place me on the free tier.

Whats the reason for not renewing?