MiBand 6 NFC & Curve

Many thanks. I tried also changing language but it did not work.
Anyway it is a good news for the further implementation also here in Italy

What is it exactly that didn’t work? You didn’t receive the SMS?

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The card vetification’s process fails showed a generic error.
In Italy Xiaomi said that for the first 30 days the xiaomi pay worked only for some banks and only later it will add the compatibility to others banks.

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I have found an article about that (see below). But still I think it’s strange that Curve is already an option to choose from (as can be seen in your screenshot), if it isn’t supposed to work for Curve in Italy yet.

Side note: You still have many banks in Italy. In the Netherlands there are about 5 left for consumers.

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Yeah many banks but no one of these indicated are very famous. It has been a strange choose by Xiaomi and Nexi to start in this way. Anyway I am very hopeful for the next month :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

On this site I have found the following comment from someone called Alex Steph:

La curve viene riconosciuta e aggiunta nella app mi fit e compare nello smartband (devo provare se va a buon fine una transazione). Buddybank e mps no, da errore all’aggiunta, ovviamente non essendo Nexi.

If I understand correctly (as I don’t speak Italian) he has been able to add his Curve card to the Mi Band already (didn’t need to wait for next month) though it’s not on the Nexi circuit!

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Yes it is correct. Wow but it did not work for me :disappointed:
I tried many times and I have always the same error

I guess then you should do like the message is advising and contact Xiaomi customer support.

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Se contatti il servizio clienti Xiaomi, facci sapere cosa ti dice!

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@SpecialOne1992 hai sentito l’assistenza Xiaomi?

No non li ho sentiti. Immagino che la loro risposta sia che al momento funzioni solo con Nexi per esclusiva di 30 giorni come hanno pubblicizzato

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Ma sul loro sito è pubblicizzato anche Curve :thinking:

Ah ottimo!
Però sulla pagina del prodotto io leggo quanto segue

"Ad oggi è possibile attivare il servizio SOLTANTO sulle carte di credito, debito e prepagate del circuito Mastercard emesse da Nexi e collocate da una delle Banche Partner*.
Presto il servizio sarà attivo anche per carte Mastercard emesse da altre banche.

*Elenco Banche Partner (Note)"

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Questo screen dove l’hai fatto?

Inoltre @SpecialOne1992, hai provato come consigliato da @MarcoDec?

Dall’app ma ho supposto visto poi il successivo errore ottenuto che fosse di buon auspicio dopo questi primi 30 giorni di esclusiva Nexi

Si ho provato con entrambe le app

Se riesci ad arrivare al punto dove poter inserire il codice a tre cifre della carta, quali numeri metti, le ultime tre cifre?

If this is the same as for GooglePay I assume it’s the CVV that is asked.

Yes it is, but in the app show the ccv2, amd in the info said the last 3 card’s nunbers. I think it is a wrong information

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