Missing ‘activate new card’-option in my account

How do I activate my new physical card.
There is no option: ‘activate new card’ in my account.

Hey Frank, welcome to the Community!

Have you checked out our FAQ about this yet and is it possible your card has already been activated by accident?

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I used the curve card already virtually in my Apple wallet. Can I use the physical without doing anything then?
Somebody else sent me a pic of their view in the Curve app. (Upper photo)
I have never seen this view in my app.
There is no option ‘activate my new card’.

This is the picture somebody showed me, of their curve app-account.
It’s all different.

When you click on ‘card details’, which details are shown there? If the details of your physical card are shown there, your physical card is already activated (by accident) and can be used.

If the details shown there are not those of your physical card (so apparently those of your temporary virtual card), I would advise you to contact Curve support.


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