Missing Amazon cancellation refund Post Wirecard

I really need some help or advice if this has happened anyone else. Always been a big fan of curve but my issue is very frustrating and lack of response / generic emails from CS.

Its refund related post wirecard. Made a transaction on Amazon on July 2nd and charged to my Curve card. Amazon then cancelled and refunded the transaction same day. No refunds have appeared and nothing in curve cash. I have checked underlaying card and no refund.

Contacted support a couple of weeks ago they asked more details which were provided i.e. Date of original transaction and amount. Then radio silence. Nothing, no response. Tried to follow up and now get a generic email everytime about refunds and about how they have all been processed since June 26th.

I have tried to open new threads with CS via email, email directly,l and through app. But the same

But mine was nothing to do with wirecard. I’m at a loss on what to do as cant get a response from CS. Has this anything to do with how amazon refunds cancelled orders? Can anyone from curve help

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