Missing cashback from Carrefour


So I’m a Curve Metal user and frequently shop at a local Carrefour store. However, the transactions don’t contain the name “Carrefour” in the description, so I never get the cashback automatically.

During the last 2 weeks, I’ve had to send around 6 support tickets, each time asking for the missing cashback for one or more transactions. I have gotten the missing cashback each time I asked.
I also asked if it would be possible for them to add the merchant to a “known Carrefour merchant” list so I would get the cashback automatically in the future. This question has been ignored several times.

Any idea what to do? It is extremely tiring to all the time ask for missing cashback and I get the feeling that Curve is trying to make me give up the cashback, so they wouldn’t need to give me the cashback in the future.

They eventually add that specific store to the retailer but after several transactions and you moving back and forth with them. I had a similar situation with a BP station near me, it was eventually added but when I visit another BP station I go through same thing of contacting them.
Another retailer that never tracks is H&M, all my H&M transactions done online do not track until I raise a complaint, I don’t know why this happens for even an online transaction whose name never changes

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Issues with franchise for shops are frequents for me… (the name of the PoS is not carrefour but some SARL or EURL, i.e. the name of the company who bought franchise for Carrefour for example).
Same issue with H&M shops : it’s clearly written HM for the transaction but Curve fails to see it…
So annoying.

I suppose sometimes they cannot add merchant names that are too generic. @Robinl I think that if they add something like “HM” to their database, they are risking that other businesses named for example “hm something” (hm could be the initials of the shop owner), or words like “kashmir” which contain themselves “hm”, get eligible for cashback even if they’re not intended to.

I guess H&M UK online uses one merchant name for all UK online purchases but still Curve never tracks them (for my case). It always appears as HM Hennes Mauritz

Ah well, you’re absolutely right then. They should have no problem at all if they simply add “hm hennes mauritz” to their database which is pretty specific. Don’t know what to tell you other than accumulate a number of receipts and contact them every now and then, instead of opening a ticket for every single purchase (but you’re probably already doing that).

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