Missing "instant" cashback from M&S

Like many UK customers last month I was emailed about new “instant” cashback from a variety of retailers, including M & S. These now show as 'always active" on the Rewards tab on my App.

A week ago I did a small shop at M & S Food. After a week the cashback has still not been credited.

I contacted Support. At first they were responsive (FWIW I am a Metal member) and asked me to allow up to 72h for it to track. Hardly “Instant” but I digress.

After 72h and no update I reached out again to Support and since they are ghosting me (I have now chased 3 times).

It’s not an earth shattering amount of money by any stretch but I find it frustrating that it is so difficult to resolve. Also why launch something to great fanfare if it doesn’t work (a check on the forum shows I am not the only one to have this issue, one user seems to have eventually got their cashback credited manually by support).


Curve Support still ghosting me.

Have since made 2 more purchases at M and S and no cashback.

Not sure how else to get help!!??

I’d take the above as working days unless otherwise specified.

If it’s been a week I’d give a few more days.

7 working days takes me to Thursday this week so I’ll leave until then.

2 things though (I do appreciate you posting though :))

  1. Support Ghosting me is not acceptable.
  2. The email offering the new cashback advertises it as “instant” which is apparently inaccurate and misleading when compared to reality.
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Wholly agree.

Id still give it some time, or at least the full 7 days to track.

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No contact from anyone at Curve re my missing M and S “instant” cashback despite posting on here, via the in app chat, Twitter and Facebook.

Even the mods on here seem to have given up.

This January I’ll have been a curve user 5 years (legacy black then Metal), very disappointed with the Service at the moment!

@poeliev can you help escalate my case to Curve ?

Mods used to be very active in this community. You are right.
I’m afraid no one believes CURVE can be saved anymore.
Sad but true

Very Bizarre as I’ve done a few trips to my local M&S and it always provides instant cashback.

What is the merchant name showing as? Is it M&S Food? As mine shows as Marks and Spencer.

Email support@imaginecurve.com

Always had a reply within a day. Someone could also be looking into it.

It’s also not Thursday. What’s the rush on the cashback? It won’t be a great deal amount so surely you can’t be missing out that much?

No. But if a company promises me something and breaks that promise I find it frustrating.

Especially if the service recovery that follows is abysmal.

Agreed on this part. Though emailing I’ve never had an issue (within 24 hours) and then I messaged via chat on Sunday and got a response in minutes I was gobsmacked.

Gone quiet again now, feels like their chat system can’t reallocate if the original person goes offline

Response now received from Curve.

Naughty me for not specifying which kind of cashback it was!

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