Missing refunds

I seem to be having an issue with refunds not being processed back to my curve card, I am missing several refunds and have confirmed that the refund has been processed by the retailer, the oldest is now over 2 working weeks and I have never experienced this when using my cards directly, I have sent an email to the support address with the refund ID’s etc but haven’t had anything back at all?

It’s not a small amount of money especially near Christmas not really sure what the issue is but given I pay a monthly charge for Metal feel really let down and question whether to continue now based on many ongoing issues.

As a suggestion, giving the support team a call at the number (it says emergency but the team can still accept the call, they may call you back a little later on) on the back of your Curve card or sending a DM on Twitter or Facebook will help you get this looked at in a more prompt manner. These are the alternatives available for customers to get in touch.