Missing rolling month (30-day) spend total in app. It used to be there!

Hey Curve & Curve Community,

How is it that Curve removed the feature to easily see how much I’ve spent within the last 30 days (rolling month)? It used to be under in the account section, under “Card Limits”, exactly where daily total spend is listed. I am one of those customers that knowingly goes over my £500/month limit and I know that this is one method that Curve uses to fund itself, but I feel that this change does not support it’s customers. Why remove this feature, unless you’re trying to hide the fees you’re collecting? This leads me to ask, what else in this process is being hidden from it’s customers.

PLEASE bring this feature back!

An up-to-now VERY satisfied customer

P.S. - I LOVE the 90-day “Back in Time” feature!!! Please keep this timeframe and make this a permanent standard for all cards.

Do you mean this? :point_down:t2:

I guess your issue is covered in the topic below :point_down:t2:, can you please confirm?

He could be having something similar to this.

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Yes, I (eventually) thought so, that’s covered here:

Altered my post and asked the user to confirm if that’s indeed the case.

The issue is it shows unknown

Yes I know, apart from the yearly limit raise, users are reporting the monthly limit being unknown in that topic as well. A Curve staff member already said something on the subject.

I guess that it was covered in replies to the referred query originating from Nov., however I haven’t seen an update since December. Curve, can we get an update? We’d like our monthly rolling limit total back!

Ok, thanks for confirming. I will close this topic and move your opening post to that topic.

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Moved opening post to topic below that’s on the same subject.