Missing top section of forum

In the app, the top section of the forum is missing, you can not see the Curve logo, Curve Community, the search icon etc, you have to zoom in

Had to do this on the laptop as everytime try to add the screenshots, the app crashes.

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the iphone having issues is an iPhone Xs Max, Software version 13.2.3, app version 3.4.1 (5034)

Looks absolutely fine on Android, perhaps a Safari issue?

if I use the 3rd party web apps, safari, chrome etc, they are fine, just the Curve App itself

I use the discourse app, it’s pretty good and you get all your notifications through it too!

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Not sure how it works on iOS, but on Android when clicking the Community link in the Curve app, the community page just opens in the standard browser (in my case Chrome) on top of the Curve app, the Curve app itself does not have a built-in browser.
If the Curve app on iOS works more or less the same as on Android you might actually be in your standard browser (Safari?) on top of the Curve app or on a Safari browser page inside the Curve app, when clicking on the Community link in the Curve app.

only the Curve app itself on the iPhone

On safari it works well, in Curve app it is not seen well.

OK, in that case it must be the wrapper they’re putting around Safari that’s causing the problem I guess. To be honest I’ve never tried to access the Community via the app, I just have it left open as a tab in Chrome on my phone and desktop!

On iOS, currently Curve uses a custom control web-view for the Community which always cuts off the top of the page and makes the page almost unusable as a result.

Would you consider switching to the standard in-app Safari web-view, which has a navigation toolbar for back/forward and also wouldn’t have this issue?

Or at least look into adding some pixel padding to bring the top of the page down below the header?

It appears that the top of the page renders “underneath” the header label for Community, which means it isn’t clickable as a touch target. I am seeing this on an iPhone X, but I am assuming that it affects all iOS devices.

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Hi there,
Are you talking about being able to use the community through the Curve app? You can simply download the DiscourseHub app or connect via https://community.curve.com.

Hi @Mattia,

Yes I am!

I know I can already access the Community from elsewhere, but sometimes I like to just quickly check for any updates whilst already using the Curve app.

The app does provide a link to the community, and an in-app browser, presumably for exactly this purpose. I’m just asking that this be changed to a native iOS control to improve usability (it’s not actually a request for a new feature, more simply a small change to an existing feature to make sure it works properly).

DiscourseHub is useful but then you have to switch apps - it’s quite nice to not need to, so I don’t want to use DiscourceHub all the time.

@chrislee16228 @Seb
Hey guys, this issue should now be fixed in 3.4.7 (#7962) of Beta version, and released to App Store in couple of days

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Hi @Magda, thanks for updating us!

I can confirm that it’s fixed on the latest TestFlight version which I’ve just installed.


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