Missing Transactions

I used curve last night for an online transaction with one of my debit cards which shows up in the curve app however I did a POS transaction today with the curve card in a pharmacy and set it to a capital one credit card. The transaction immediately initiated an alert from my capital one banking app and worked fine however the transaction is not showing in the curve app. The spends is showing as 0.00 for that card! Do transactions only show in the app when used with debit cards?

Nope, they should also show up for Creditcards.

Seems like something may of gone wrong then. The transaction shows up in capital one app but no sign in the curve app. Is there a delay?

There shouldn’t be.

I have noticed that the transaction is showing as pending in the capital one app, perhaps that could be the reason. If not then I’m baffled.

Nope, that’s not the reason. If the transaction is showing for a certain amount in your underlying card app (pending or final does not matter), it should also show for the same amount in your Curve app.

I am having the same issue. My last two transactions are not showing up anywhere in the Curve app, except indirectly because my daily limit is “consumed”. For reference, I’ve been using Curve for 3 months and never had that bug.

Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t think to check the spend limits section and I can see now that the amount is showing there, the same as you

They may appear tomorrow by themselves if there is currently some issue with transactions. You can always email support@curve.app to get an explanation as well.

I will check again in the morning, thanks.

The transactions appeared again for me this morning, without a notification.

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Yes, having same issues here. Used Curve at Asda and normally get a ping on my phone saying transaction completed but now it doesn’t show until next day and shows as Pending. Tried again today same thing.
Also tried the Contact Us in the app and it ‘failed to send. Try again’. Not sure what’s happening

Same here. Its looking like transactions are not adding to the main curve spend display until the following day

Tried reinstalling the app but same issue. Contact Us failing to connect to get any previous tickets and when you press Start Conversation nothing happens. Issue going on somewhere I think

Same thing happened to me, the transactions I made yesterday didn’t appear in the curve app until this morning and they are now pending.

Hey guys! Firstly @Markkk01 @nothrow @UrbanLegend - welcome to the Community! :smiley:

It appears that there was an issues with transactions being displayed yesterday. The Curve team are aware of it and are working on it now. Your transactions should be back to normal ASAP!

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Thanks for the quick response.

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Great news. I have seen a couple of transactions come through.
However the Contact Us is still out and none of my previous tickets are there as there is an issue connecting