Mobile lost with Curve app locked/unlocked

I usually lock all cards from the Curve app when I don’t have to use them, but what happens if I lose my phone while the cards were locked? Am I in the situation of being without a phone and unable to use any of my cards? If I lose my phone, how can I access my Curve account in a few minutes to unlock or lock my cards?

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Well you wouldn’t be able to use your Curve card.

No you just won’t be able to use your Curve card, you’ll be free to use all your other underlying cards.

Once again you won’t be able to use it. Once you lock your Curve card that it. Unless you have your phone you’re stuck. You will be able to call the lost and stolen telephone number and order another card or email and they will send you out a new Curve card.


Hey both, it’s worth noting that your account details aren’t stored on the device directly and are only loaded when you open the app. This means you’ll still have complete control of your Curve account once you’ve found or replaced the device.

If you need to get access to your cards again fast then you can use another device available to you as you should be able to log in immediately with your email and password.
If you can’t remember this information then you can reset your registered mobile number using a magic link to your email. However, I’d recommend only doing this if you have a spare device that belongs to you. If you use another person’s phone then you might be able to unlock the card itself but it may be flagged as a fraud risk and you’re unlikely to get the best out of Curve without constant app access anyway. :grin:

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